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This servo amplifier is comprised of a three-phase power supply and a high-performance control unit housed in a single enclosure. This single axis servo amplifier is available in 110VAC-480VAC, 1,5-10A models.

  • MultiFeedback, MultiFieldbus
  • EMC - Mains Filter and Brake Resistor internally
  • Safety Function STO, SIL2, PLd

See S300 & S700 Errors and Warnings for a comprehensive list of faults.

S300 Hardware Revision Number

Hardware Revision Firmware Version Date Remarks Export Classification
02.01 2.18 to 3.74 2006-04 Starting version AL-3A225
02.10 (03.01) 3.75 to 3.99 2010-05 AS->STO, new approval AL-3A225
04.00 5.18 - 5.99 2011-05 New CPU AL-3A225
04.10 5.18_ND1 - 5.99_ND1 2014-12 Dual use, new data structure AL-3A225
04.10 5.18_ND0 - 5.99_ND0 2014-12 Non Dual use, new data structure -
04.20 >=6.00_ND1* 2017-04 Dual use, single-cable motor Connection possible, memory increased AL-3A225
04.20 >=6.00_ND0* 2017-04 Non Dual Use, single-cable motor Connection possible, memory increased -
For Firmewaredowngrade < 5.45 please contact your service partner
Trade Compliance English
Firmware-Historie S300 - S700 German
Resolving Servo Feedback Choices English
S300 & S700 Errors and Warnings English
S300, S700 ROFFSABS, Absolute Encoder Single Turn English
Reação a situações de falha S300-S700 Portuguese, Brazil
Aviso n12 no S300, S600 e S700 Portuguese, Brazil
Como verificar as falhas atuais do S300 e S700 Portuguese, Brazil
Códigos de Falha Portuguese, Brazil
The amplifier shows warning n17 after replacement of a S300 or S700. The old drive did not show any problem with CAN or EtherCAT. How can I reset the synchronized fieldbus operation?

Set BUSP1 to 1 and finalize the configuration change with SAVE and COLDSTART.

Background: Bit 30 (COB-ID Setting for Tx-PDO) is supervised since Firmware 2.51. The amplifier sets the bit and expects the COB identifier is written with set bit 30, too (means: no RTR request of TX-PDOs is possible). 

If bit 0 is set to 1, then bit 30 is not supervised any more.

What is the resolution of the current controller?

The incremental current actual value (iq, q component) of the current controller is triggered two times within 62,5µs and the values are added but the average is not determined. 

Units: ±3280 = ±DIPEAK in IncrAmpere?
DIPEAK = device peak current

Which test pulse is allowed at STO enable input?

Pulse length < 100µs, off-time > 200ms. See page Test Pulse.

Do setup software and upgrade tool work with Windows Vista and Windows 7 ?

Yes. The current tools work with Windows Vista and Windows 7 without restrictions.

Is it possible to drive High Frequency Motors (Spindles) with the servo amplifiers?

Yes. With the help of pole number setting. Refer to page Tuning - High Frequency Spindles S300-S700.

Which acceleration and deceleration ramps are used in motion task series?

This can be selected on the screen page "Motion Task Parameters". Refer to page Motion Task Series.

What does P01, E01 or -S- mean in the display?

P01: 1A power stage, mains supply voltage switched on, power stage disabled
E01: 1A power stage, mains supply voltage switched on, power stage enabled
-S-: STO Enable input is not connected or no 24V signal is applied

Refer to page LED Display Codes S300-S700.

How can I protect the parameter set against write access?

Yes, you can activate a password protection. Refer to page Password Protection.

What causes the error message F14?

Fault in the power output stage. Can also be triggered by a wrong or faulty motor cable, if the screen of the motor cable is not connected or if the motor is feaulty. Refer to page Error Message F14.

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