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P6 Stepper Drive Large

P6000 Stepper Drive

Introducing the New Kollmorgen P6000 Stepper Drive. The P6000 is an AC input micro-stepping drive optimized for pairing with POWERPAC and POWERMAX stepper motors. With the simplicity of dip switches and the optimized performance from the complete system, this stepper solution brings increased machine performance without the associated complexity.

Limited availability outside North America


The P6000 and Kollmorgen POWERPAC and POWERMAX stepper motors are designed to provide the best system solution when paired with one another. The easy dip switch selection matches the P6000 settings with the optimal Kollmorgen stepper motor requirements to provide the best performance and most efficient solution for nearly any application.

  • No programming required!
  • Covers full power range of Kollmorgen Stepper Motors
  • Switch Selectable Current Output from 0.2-5.7 Arms, 8.0 A peak
  • 120/240 VAC Input (160/320 VDC Bus)
  • Kollmorgen Stepper Motor Pairing; Switch Selectable
  • All Inputs and Outputs are Optically Isolated
  • Single-Ended and Differential Step and Direction or CW/CCW Command; Switch Selectable
  • Enable Input
  • Fault Output (Sinking or Sourcing)
  • Status LEDs for easy troubleshooting
  • Switch Selectable Micro-Stepping-Resolution Settings
  • Step Smoothing Filter; Switch Selectable
  • Idle Current Reduction; Switch Selectable
  • Anti-Resonance Based On Load Inertia; Switch Selectable
  • Self-Test Conducts Spin Test to Confirm Proper Connection; Switch Selectable
  • RoHS & CE Certified

Media & Downloads

Title File Language Date Share URL
P60660 Stepper Drive AC Installation Manual EN English
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/P60660%20Stepper%20Drive%20%28AC%29%20Installation%20Manual%20EN%20%28REV%20A%29.pdf
P6000 Stepper Drive Data Sheet en-US English
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/P6000_Stepper_Drive_Data_Sheet_RevC.pdf
Title Language Date Share URL
Kollmorgen Catalogo Automazione e Motion Control IT Italian Share URLview
Kollmorgen Full-line Catalog English Share URLview
Kollmorgen otomasyon ve hareket kontrol çözümleri kataloğu TR Turkish Share URLview
Stepper and Synchronous Motors Catalog EN Rev C English Share URLview
科尔摩根运动控制及伺服系统解决方案 Chinese, Simplified Share URLview
Title File Language Date Share URL
Blue Guide English, German
Share URL
EU-Konformitätserklärung P6000 German
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/ce_p6000_d.pdf
Kollmorgen EU Declaration of Conformity P6000 English
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/Kollmorgen%20EU%20Declaration%20of%20Conformity%20P6000.pdf

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