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Kollmorgen servo drives are designed to provide precise control, optimum torque and a rich feature set to complement our wide range of our rotary servo motors and linear positioning systems. We offer the broadest connectivity with the most advanced control technology, simplest commissioning and most compact packaging available in the global marketplace where precise positioning, speed control, or torque efficiency is key. 

Our servo drives are commonly paired with our broad lineup of Kollmorgen servo motors which offer the most popular feedback support on the market (including resolvers, incremental encoders, BiSS, EnDat, Hiperface, sine encoders).

Our servo drives range from 300 watts to 50,000 watts of continuous duty power output. With peak operation for a full 5 seconds in certain drives, often 3 times the rated continuous current, many applications can use significantly smaller servo drives and expands the dynamic performance of the servo drive lineup. 

Connectivity is a key aspect in machines so we support many popular ethernet fieldbuses like EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, and SynqNet. Support for traditional fieldbuses is available on certain models as well, including Profibus, Devicenet, CanOpen, RS485, RS232, and Sercos II. 

An upcoming technology making machines safer is functional integrated safety in servo drives. Kollmorgen S700 and AKD2G servo drives are available with integrated safety functionality. This allows machine builders to create inherently safer machines with flexible safety zones with less wiring and configuration than ever before.

2G Motion System

2G Motion System >

Kollmorgen introduces the next generation of motion for more ambitious machines built on more capable performance and more confident engineering. The Kollmorgen 2G Motion System harnesses the full performance potential of our leading AKM2G servo motors and perfectly matched AKD2G drives designed to deliver unrivaled power density and control. The result is significantly enhanced torque, responsiveness and SafeMotion capabilities in a compact footprint that enables easy installation and total flexibility.

AKD2G Servo Drive

AKD2G Servo Drive >

Born from a rich AKD heritage, AKD2G is the latest servo drive technology adding:

  • Dual-axis technology for additional space savings
  • Built-in functional safety options via SafeMotion Monitor (including FSoE)
  • Color Graphic Display
  • Optimized for single-cable power and feedback
Kollmorgen AKD Servo Drive Family

AKD Family >

AKD® Family has been on the market for years supporting the largest customer installed base offering: Industry leading motion control loops Extensive motor feedback and drive fieldbus support including EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Profinet RT,…

S700 >

For many years now, this has been one of our most powerful and feature rich servo drives offering:

  • 110 – 480 VAC, 1 or 3-phase, 50 – 60 Hz, up to 72A continuous
  • Legacy bus support including PROFINET, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP, SERCOS II and RS232
  • EtherCAT, CANopen fieldbus support
  • Optional functional safety up to SIL3

S300 >

Same as S700, except size and ratings optimized for 240 VAC.

Kollmorgen S200 Servo Drive Family

S200 >

Kollmorgen S200 servo drives are the first all-digital industrial drives with a velocity loop bandwidth of 800 Hz including:

  • High-density connectors
  • Ultra-compact DC (48V Nominal) variants
  • Meets UL 508C, CE, EN50178, EN61800-C and Semi F47 Standards
  • Options available to support either indexing or SynqNet™ motion control

Serviced Drives >

The S600 drives are no longer available for new applications, but we continue to provide replacement drives and support for existing customers.

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