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What is Kollmorgen Motioneering?

Do you have the any of these questions when selecting a servo?

  1. How do I choose linear motor applications?
  2. Is my selection margin safe and reliable?
  3. How do I choose a motor according to the motion of the S curve?
  4. How do I select a servo system when the equipment speed is increased by 30%?

Our servo selection software can help you choose the product that meets your needs. Our expansive product library, automatic intelligent operation and comprehensive data analysis make selection easier and more efficient; one-button report saving and printing and 3D model downloading is more convenient and faster than ever.

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MOTIONEERING Mechanical Projects

Mechanical Projects

  • Screw rod, gear rack and conveyor belt
  • Two rollers pressed against each other, pulley
  • Rotary, linear
  • Electric cylinder
  • Direct data input


MOTIONEERING Project Definitions

Project Definitions

  • Mark system components by color
  • Evaluate system component specifications
  • Save, print, or create a pdf application report

Features of Motioneering Online

  • Inertia calculator - calculate the inertia of irregular shapes using addition and subtraction
  • Customized motion curve - add an entire section or copy a repeated section more easily, and plot the S-shaped curve
  • Environmental factors - consider your environmental temperature
  • Classify the project according to project units - you can adjust the units one by one, or use global unit for the setting
  • Wide voltage- voltage range 24Vdc-108Vdc, 120Vac-480Vac

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