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POWERMAX II® M and P series

POWERMAX II® M and P series

Ideally suited for lower loads, the POWERMAX II® M and P Series is designed to provide exceptional value, versatility and ease of use. Among the most powerful stepper motors available, they deliver high torque in a compact package and are available in a wide range of frame sizes, constructions, and optional modifications. POWERMAX II has an extremely competitive market lead time and is backed by UL and CE certifications.

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Product available worldwide

Features & Benefits


  • P2 models: NEMA 23 (60 mm) motors available in 3 stack lengths with torque ratings from 0.30 to 1.51 N-m (42 to 214 oz-in) nominal holding torque
  • M2 models: NEMA 23 (60 mm) motors available in 2 stack lengths with torque ratings from 0.67 to 1.79 N-m (95 to 253 oz-in) nominal holding torque
  • Available with affordable co-engineered modifications to suit your application needs, time frame and budget
  • Numerous standard modifications and customer-specified options
  • Speeds up to 3,000 rpm meet the velocity demands of most high-torque applications
  • Oversized 30 mm bearings increase bearing and motor life
  • Complete subassemblies available
  • UL, CE, RoHS and REACH certifications


  • Broad product line with flexible modifications and rapid prototyping for exceptional design flexibility
  • Quality construction for reliability and long service life
  • Designed for quick, easy integration into new and existing applications
  • Global supply footprint with localized support
  • Competitive pricing and lead times


Motor Model Motor Length mm(in) Max Holding Torque N-m(oz-in) Inertia kg-m2(oz-in-s2) Weight kg(lb)
P2H 40.6 (1.60) 0.43 (61) 0.00000706 (0.0010) 0.45 (1.0)
P21 52.3 (2.06) 0.80 (114) 0.00001200 (0.0017) 0.68 (1.5)
P22 78.7 (3.10) 1.51 (214) 0.00002542 (0.0036) 1.13 (2.5)
M21 52.3 (2.06) 1.01 (144) 0.00001200 (0.0017) 0.68 (1.5)
M22 78.7 (3.10) 1.78 (253) 0.00002542 (0.0036) 1.13 (2.5)

Modification Is Our Standard

  • Shaft modifications including:
    • Special diameters and lengths
    • Special details including flats, dual flats, slots and thru holes
    • Spline shafts, helical gears, fixed acme lead screws
  • Special windings to accommodate current, resistance or inductance requirements
  • Customer-specified cable options, lead colors, lead lengths and connectors
  • Customer-specified, factory-mounted encoders, including a choice of encoder types and line counts
  • Complete subassemblies shipped directly from the factory to simplify engineering and integration

Kollmorgen can evaluate further customization as needed. Contact our Customer Support team with your specific requirements.

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Media & Downloads

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Nema P2 Stepper System TB English
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Stepper and Synchronous Motors Catalog EN Rev C English Share URLview
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CEL China Efficiency Labelling for Servo and Stepper Motors English
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China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC Technical Notice) English
Share URL /sites/default/files/2024-01/CCC%20Technical%20Notice%20on%20Scope%20of%20Kollmorgen%20Products.pdf
Kollmorgen CE Technical Notice - Servo and Stepper Motors Efficiency English
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/Kollmorgen%20CE%20Technical%20Notice%20-%20Servo%20and%20Stepper%20Motors%20Efficiency.pdf
Kollmorgen EU Declaration of Conformity POWERMAX M-P English
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/Kollmorgen%20EU%20Declaration%20of%20Conformity%20POWERMAX%20M-P_16June2020.pdf
Powermax EU RoHS Declaration (RoHS10) English
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/RoHS10W_Standard%20Powermax.pdf
Powermax REACH SVHC Certificate of Compliance English
Share URL /sites/default/files/public_downloads/REACH_223_Standard%20Powermax.pdf

These 3D models are intended to guide your design activities and may be used as reference information. Be sure to consult a Kollmorgen expert to ensure you have the most current and accurate information for critical aspects of design work.

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2D/3D Product Model English
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