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This page covers AKM2G and AKM2G Low Voltage motors. This motor series delivers high power and torque density with a low inertia rotor design. They offer multiple connector, shaft, mounting, and feedback options and have holding brake and thermal sensor options.

Standard AKM2G motors are available in 6 sizes while the low voltage model is available in 3 frame sizes. 

Technical data of all available motor windings can be found in the motor manual on page AKM2G PDF Downloads. Technical data of the built-in holding brakes are on page Holding Brake.

Part Number Scheme

Trade Compliance English
Resolving Servo Feedback Choices English
AKM2G Standard Voltage and Low Voltage Winding Thermal Sensor Options English
Ingress Protection of Servo Motors English
Setup of EtherCAT master to run an AKD2G in “DS402: Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode” English
DESINA Farbkodierung German
Rastmoment German
CCC Kennzeichnung German
CCC Marking English
KM motors with EnDat feedback spec