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Inside our literature center you'll find links to brochures and flyers for some of our newest or most prominent products.

Kollmorgen Stepper Motor Selection Guide >

Kollmorgen’s stepper motors are designed with versatility, ease–of–use, and cost-effectiveness in mind. They provide high torque in a small package and come in a wide range of standard sizes, constructions, windings and options.

X Series Hazardous Duty Synchronous Motor Selection Guide >

The X series hazardous-duty AC synchronous motors provide torque up to 1,500 ozin (1059 N-cm) and are available in NEMA 42 and 66 frame sizes (110 mm and 170 mm). They run at 72 rpm with a 120 Vac or 240 Vac, 60 Hz power supply, or 60 rpm with a 240…

T2 Series Stepper Motor Selection Guide >

T2 Series stepper motors provide high torque in a NEMA 23 frame size (60 mm). With holding torques to 421 oz-in (3.0 N-m), these steppers deliver the most torque of any Size 23 motor. They are available with open leads or a terminal box, and offer an…

Kollmorgen AC Synchronous Motor Selection Guide >

AC synchronous motors are high pole count motors that naturally turn at slower speeds (72 or 60 rpm). They only need a resistor – capacitor (RC) network to operate from singlephase AC utility power. For loads that operate at 72 rpm or slower, they…

Kollmorgen SN Synchronous Motor Selection Guide >

SN series synchronous stepper motors deliver bidirectional motion for low velocity, constant speed motor drives. These motors are driven economically from standard AC line voltage and the synchronous speed is related to the line frequency.

MX Series Hazardous Duty Stepper Motor Selection Guide >

MX series explosion proof stepper motors are available in NEMA 34 and 42 frame sizes (90 and 110 mm). They move in 200 steps per revolution (1.8° step angle) and provide minimum holding torques from 1.27 to 9.82 N-m (180 to 1,390 oz-in). MX Series…

POWERMAX II® M and P Series Stepper Motor Selection Guide >

The POWERMAX II® M and P series is ideally suited for lower loads and designed to provide exceptional value, versatility and ease of use. Among the most powerful stepper motors available, they deliver high torque in a compact package and are…

Kollmorgen SS Synchronous Motor Selection Guide >

Our high pole count SS Synchronous motors naturally turn at slower speeds (72 or 60 rpm). They only need a capacitor (C) network to operate from single-phase, 120VAC or 240VAC utility power. These motors provide the highest torque in an AC…

POWERPAC® K/N Series Stepper Motor Selection Guide >

The K/N series are larger step motors with the power, rugged construction, and options that make these motors ideal for heavy industrial applications. Options include: IP65, terminal boxes and MS connectors. Enhanced versions provide the maximum…

CT Series Stepper Motor Selection Guide >

CTM series stepper motors incorporate enhanced magnets in the stator to provide 25% more torque at all speeds. The increased power output comes from higher efficiency. This allows the use of smaller drives and power supplies and is available in size…

E/H Series Stepper Motor Selection Guide >

The E/H series are high-efficiency, low-loss stepper motors have a conventional, round frame in NEMA 34 and 42 frame sizes (90 and 110 mm). A wide variety of standard windings, connectors and options suit general-purpose applications with…

P8000 Stepper Drive Family Brochure >

As Kollmorgen’s flagship stepper drive platform, the P8000 family delivers advanced functionality, expanded output and greater compatibility.

Kollmorgen Motors for Medical Imaging: Proven Processes, Reliable Delivery >

Few business challenges are as formidable as designing, manufacturing and delivering medical imaging equipment to healthcare organizations around the world. From mechanical and electrical components, to communication and control systems, to motion…
SN3/SN4 Synchronous motors datasheets & diagrams

SN3/SN4 Synchronous Motors Datasheets & Diagrams >

Technical information for the AC Synchronous motors - SN3 & SN4
Ground satellite 

AKD2G 24A Data Sheet >

Kollmorgen’s new AKD2G 24A servo drive delivers 3x the continuous current capacity and offers a rich feature set for simple integration in complex applications.