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The synchronous servomotors of the series DBL/DBK are brushless three-phase motors for high quality servo-applications. This is a Service product: the DBL/.DBK servo motors are not available for new applications but replacement motors are available.

Connection Method

Motor Feedback Power
DBL1 Cable, Speedtec-Ready Cable, Speedtec-Ready
DBL2, DBL3, DBL4, DBL5, DBL6, DBK Speedtec-Ready Speedtec-Ready
DBL7, DBL8 Speedtec-Ready Terminal box

Matching mating connectors for Speedtec-Ready: M23 threaded connectors or Speedtec connectors.

Further Information

Trade Compliance English
Servomotoren German
Rundlauf, Koaxialität, Planlauf German
NEMA Baugröße German
Motordaten Legende German
Normen und Richtlinien German
Leistungsreduzierung German
DBL - DBK Motoren mit Micron Getriebe German
Rastmoment German
What commutation offset do Kollmorgen motors have?
DBL / DBK with Encoder Feedback has no defined commutation offset. The commutation offset is determined with the help of the servo amplifier and stored in the encoder memory.
AKM with Hiperface encoder Encoder is installed arbitrarily. The commutation offset is determined with the aid of the servo amplifier and stored in the encoder memory.
AKM with BiSS encoder Encoder is installed arbitrarily. Commutation offset is set to zero electronically.
AKM with EnDat encoder Commutation offset is mechanically set to zero.
What is the maximum value for motor temperature sensor (PTC)?

That depends on the servo amplifier that is used.

S300 5.0 kOhm
S400 2.0 kOhm
S600 1.6 kOhm
S700 5.0 kOhm
Which parameters affect synchronism of the servo motors?

See page Synchronism.

What motor is described by motor number 19071?

That is an AKM72M (480V). A list of all motor numbers can be found in the Motor Database, available from the Downloads page.

What is meant by four quadrant operation?
Is it possible to test a servomotor by connecting it directly to the main supply?

No, this is forbidden. Connecting a motor directly to the main supply will destroy the motor. Refer to the chapter "Use as directed" in the instructions manual.

Is it possible to suppress the motor cogging?

Yes, for the Servostar line it is possible with S300 and S700. See page Cogging Suppression for details. For AKD drive family the feature is available in firmware version 1.15 See Cogging Compensation for details.

I want to replace a 6SM servomotor with an AKM. What motor type is required?

See the Reference table.

I am experiencing positioning errors with AKM1 motors. What can I do?

Low rotor inertia is the source for this problem, ironless linear motors show a similar behavior.

Solution for drives with S300/S700 servo amplifiers:

Increase the bandwidth of the current control loop with the Smith Predictor (FILTMODE = 2). Refer to page Tuning: Delay Time Compensation with Smith Predictor.