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This servo amplifier is comprised of a three-phase power supply and a high-performance control unit housed in a single enclosure. This servo amplifier is available in 230VAC-480VAC, 1.5-20 Amp models.

NOTE The S640 and S670 models (high-power models) have been discontinued.


Digital / Analog I/Os Position Output
(encoder emulation)
MultiFieldbus MultiFeedback
  • 2 programmable analog inputs
  • 4 programmable digital inputs
  • 2 programmable digital outputs
  • 14 digital inputs and 8 outputs with expansion card I/O-14/08
  • RS232 service channel
  • Emulation incremental encoder
  • Emulation absolut encoder SSI (binary or Gray)

Digital I/O Features

  Max. input Frequency Hardware Delay Software Delay
Digital Input 1/2 100 Khz (Ser.No. > 220000)
otherwise 10 Khz
< 5 µs
< 50 µs for max. input frequency 10Khz
Depends on the selected functionality
Digital Input PSTOP/NSTOP 10 Khz < 50µs Depends on the selected functionality
Digital Output 1/2 - < 50 µs < 5 ms

Analog I/O Features

  Hardware Filter Constant Software Delay
Analog Input 1 150 µs 250 µs + Selected Delay AVZ1
Analog Input 2 50µs 250 µs Speed Control 125 µs Torque Control
Analog Output 1 ms 250 µs

Hardware Expansions

Firmware Reference Table

old Firmware Version
Hardware Rev. <5.30
Firmware Version
Hardware Rev. 5.30
new Firmware Version
Hardware Rev. 5.40
1.xx 9.50 9.50_nd0
2.xx 9.50 9.50_nd0
3.xx 9.50 9.50_nd0
4.xx 8.50 8.70_nd0
5.xx 9.50 9.50_nd0
5.81 9.00 8.70_nd0
6.xx 8.50 8.70_nd0
7.xx 9.50 9.50_nd0
8.00...8.15 8.50 8.70_nd0

S600 Hardware Revision Number


Hardware RevisionFirmware VersionDateRemarksExport Classification
05.105.76 - 5.802006-04Starting versionAL-3A225

5.81 - 5.99

7.05 - 7.99

2009-12CAN controller newAL-3A225

6.86 - 6.99

8.00 - 8.49

2009-12with EtherCAT, BiSSAL-3A225
05.30>= 9.002014-02PCB update, standardAL-3A225
>= 8.502014-02PCB update, with EtherCAT, BiSSAL-3A225
05.40>= 9.00_ND12014-12Dual use, new data structureAL-3A225
>= 8.50_ND12014-12Dual use, new data structureAL-3A225
05.40>= 9.00_ND02014-12Non Dual use, new data structure-
>= 8.50_ND02014-12Non Dual use, new data structure-


Hardware RevisionFirmware VersionDateRemarksExport Classification
02.06>= 5.992006-04Starting versionAL-3A225
02.10>= 7.762009-12CAN controller newAL-3A225
>= 6.862009-12with BiSS evaluationAL-3A225
02.20>= 7.76_ND12014-12Dual use, new data structureAL-3A225
>= 6.86_ND12014-12Dual use, new data structureAL-3A225
02.20>= 7.76_ND02014-12Non Dual use, new data structure-
>= 6.86_ND02014-12Non Dual use, new data structure-
Trade Compliance English
Resolving Servo Feedback Choices English
Aviso n12 no S300, S600 e S700 Portuguese, Brazil
Códigos de Falha Portuguese, Brazil
Mensagem de Erro F32 Portuguese, Brazil
Mensagem de Erro F31 Portuguese, Brazil
Mensagem de Erro F30 Portuguese, Brazil
Mensagem de Erro F28 Portuguese, Brazil
Mensagem de Erro F27 Portuguese, Brazil
Why doesn't a P appear in the S600 display though all software settings are done for the supply with a small DC voltage?

DC supply voltage is smaller than VBUSMIN

Which overcurrent value causes an F22 fault (ground short circuit) with S640 / S670?

F22 occurs in case of approximately 
S640: current peak > 56A 
S670: current peak > 112A

Which overcurrent value causes an F14 fault (short circuit) with S640 / S670?

S640: current peak > 163A 
S670: current peak > 326A

Which firmware is required for S600 with Ethercat?

EtherCAT works from firmware version 6.43. Firmware Versions 7.xx cannot be used.

Which firmware is required for S600 with SynqNet?

SynqNet requires always a special firmware version. Please ask the Kollmorgen Support for this file.

When does the fan run if a fan option card is built-in?

Fan on:
     Heat sink temperature > 65°C or environment temperature > 58°C or brake power > 30 Watts

Fan off:
    Heat sink temperature < 60°C and environment temperature < 55°C and brake power < 20 Watts

What is the life expectancy of the EEPROM?

1 million data saves or 20 years

What is the average lifetime MTBF of the S600?

For the whole S600 family the value is 290,000 hours.

Is it possible to load the current firmware into an old S600 (Ser.No. < 220.000)?

No, the firmware version for S600 with serial number < 220.000 must be < 4.00

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