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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) improve efficiency in manufacturing and warehousing without heavy investments. With our NDC Solutions automation kit consisting of hardware, software and navigation technologies you get a proven platform for boosting AGV performance in a broad range of industries worldwide. Follow us and turn to us for advice if you are buying or building AGVs.

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Buying Automated Guided Vehicles

Buying AGVs >

AGVs and mobile robots can improve your manufacturing and warehouse efficiency without heavy investments. Learn more and find the right AGV builder for you.
Building AGVs, Kollmorgen

Building AGVs >

Everything you need to provide excellent control solutions for AGVs and mobile robots whatever the application. Discover what NDC Solutions can do for you.
AGV Research & Development

AGV Research & Development >

Looking back over the past few decades, Kollmorgen has had stand-out moments. These moments have fostered innovation, growth, partnerships, and have ultimately brought us to where we are today.

Engineer the Exceptional

Learn how to engineer exceptional machines, robots and vehicles with the highest-performing, most reliable motors, drives, automation solutions and more.

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