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In robotics, there is no room for compromises. At Kollmorgen, we give the world’s most advanced robotics designers and manufacturers a true performance advantage.

Achieve your vision with precision components and high-torque brushless motors that meet your most demanding design specifications. Ensure the scalability your global markets require and receive exceptional engineering support every step of the way.

With decades of experience and a reputation for innovation, our frameless torque motors mobilize nearly 1 million joints and robotic arms across the globe. And we do it in many of today’s most challenging applications including:

See how Kollmorgen keeps you Robot Ready.

Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Collaborative Robots (Cobots) >

Collaborative robots are designed to learn and adapt as if they were a human coworker, which requires controlled, safe motion. Enabled by Kollmorgen servo motors, cobots and force limited robots bring new capabilities and efficiencies to industries…
Surgical Robotics, Kollmorgen

Surgical Robotics >

In the rapidly evolving field of robotic-assisted surgery, the goal is minimally invasive procedures that help patients to recover as quickly and completely as possible.
Mobile Robots

Mobile Robots >

Mobile robots are taking on the challenges of operating and making decisions in difficult environments. Kollmorgen's ability to provide a wide range of standard, configurable motors is enabling quick prototyping and allowing our customers to get to…

Humanoid Robots >

Motors for Humanoid Robots: Solve issues of performance, size, weight, power consumption and cost with motion systems designed to be robot-ready.

Rehabilitation >

Kollmorgen has a wide range of standard products that allow our customers to select the necessary configuration for their medical robots and rehabilitation applications.

Field Robotics >

Advanced Motion Systems for Outdoor, Underground, and Underwater Robots - Kollmorgen Explore how Kollmorgen’s optimized motion systems enhance precision and efficiency, keeping mobile robots operational longer

Industrial Articulated Robots >

Build lighter, more compact industrial robots that perform with greater speed and precision. We deliver higher power density across a wide range of sizes and options.

SCARA Robots >

Ensure agile, precise and repeatable motion in compact robots for factory automation, light-duty assembly and life sciences applications.
Packaging, Intralogistics, Material Handling & AGV

Packaging, Intralogistics, Material Handling & AGV >

Kollmorgen’s technology is in underwater ROV’s, in drone systems delivering lifesaving materials, agricultural robots, security robots, more independent AGV and intralogistics systems, nuclear handling systems and security systems.
LIDAR and Autonomous Vehicles

LIDAR and Autonomous Vehicles >

Autonomous vehicles have been capturing our imaginations for years and now the sensing technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have advanced far enough to make it feasible. Kollmorgen technology can be found in a wide range of autonomous…
Robotics Education & Research

Robotics Education & Research >

Kollmorgen’s vision is “Enabling innovators to make the world a better place”. Robotics development in academia is in high demand, with commercial companies investing in and partnering with universities and academic startups.
Kollmorgen Military Robotics

Military Robotics >

Opportunities to put new robotic-enabled capability into the hands of soldiers and hazardous duty personnel continue to emerge. Kollmorgen motors deliver precise, smooth, reliable motion in a compact form factor to ensure success.

Humanoid Robots

Motors for Humanoid Robots: Solve issues of performance, size, weight, power consumption and cost with motion systems designed to be robot-ready.
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Engineer the Exceptional

Learn how to engineer exceptional machines, robots and vehicles with the highest-performing, most reliable motors, drives, automation solutions and more.

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