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The Kollmorgen Automation Suite, or KAS, is a suite of hardware and software products which are designed to work as an integrated system.

The hardware consists of:

The software consists of:

KAS Online Documentation:
v4.00 Release   |   v3.07 Release
v3.06 Release   |   v3.05 Release
v3.04 Release   |   v3.00 Release
v3.03 Release   |   v3.01 Release
v3.02 Release   |   v2.12 Release  



The controller communicates with drives, or servo amplifiers, and I/O terminals via the EtherCAT bus.

Two controllers are available for KAS:

  • the PCMM (Programmable Controller Multi-axis Master)
  • the AKD PDMM drive-resident controller, which integrates a servo drive and controller.

Discontinued KAS-compatible controllers include the Panel PAC (AKC-PNC-C1-224-xxN-00-000) and Performance Box (AKC-PLC-xx-224-00N-00-000) controllers.


Drives, also referred to as servo amplifiers, can drive a wide range of servomotors, with or without Gearheads, Induction Machines, DC Motors, and Direct Drives.

KAS is fully compatible with AKD2G and AKD drives including the AKD-C/N Decentralized Drive System, requiring no special set-up. They are designed to work together seamlessly.


KAS is also compatible with the S700 and S300 drives with a few custom settings. See the article PDMM Controlling S700 Over EtherCAT


A wide range of I/O devices (AKT) are available, from bus couplers to stepper modules.


Human-Machine Interface, or HMI, is the primary point of interaction between an end-user and a machine. The HMI connects to the controller via Modbus TCP. Kollmorgen's AKI series of HMI panels range in size from 4" to 21" with 3 levels of processors. More information is available on the page KAS HMI Panels.


The full range of AKM motors, including Washdown and Food Grade motors, and the AKMH motors are fully compatible with KAS. 


Motor Cables and Feedback Cables are available to complete your system.



The Kollmorgen Automation Suite Integrated Development Environment (KAS IDE) is a graphical programming solution for programming motion using the PLCopen or Pipe Network environments. KAS IDE supports IEC 61131-3.


Standard function blocks can be used and directly incorporated into the PLC application. Programming of motion is done using standard MC function blocks that can be incorporated in single-axis or multi-axis applications.

Pipe Network

A Pipe Network enables you to create a high-performance motion algorithm which is tightly integrated to the PLC program with motion library function blocks. For high performance, complex, or synchronized multi-axis applications, the pipe concept in KAS IDE provides a simple conversion of mechanical applications into a graphical representation of application elements and the process flow. This format makes it easy to understand, program, and update the motion profiles and positional relationships.


The AKD Workbench is integrated into KAS IDE, providing ultimate control over your drives. 

KAS Web Server

Built into each KAS Controller is a webserver which provides remote access to the controller and the program installed on the controller. Simply enter the controller's IP Address in any browser to access the webserver interface. Here you can start/stop a program, do backups, firmware upgrades, perform diagnostics, and more. See Using the KAS Web Server in the KAS Online Help here on KDN for more information. 


The Kollmorgen Visualization Builder software provides an HMI programming environment, linking your automation program to hardware.