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The AKD2G servo drive introduces the Kollmorgen Servo-on-a-Chip which is a powerful compute engine that can control 2 axes simultaneously and up to 28 I/O. The AKD2G is optimized for single-cable motors.

  • One- and Two-Axis variants
  • Plug & Play with all Kollmorgen motors
  • EtherCAT and CANopen compatibility
  • SFD and HIPERFACE DSL feedbacks are standard
  • Optional feedbacks include EnDAT, BiSS, analog sine/cosine encoder, incremental encoder, resolver, and more
  • SIL-qualified over-voltage, current, and temperature detection
  • Dual-channel STO per axis
Current Firmware Version
Firmware Release Date November 2021
Part Number Scheme Open the PDF
See the WorkBench article for details about the software used to configure and manage the drives.

AKD2G & WorkBench 2 Online Help

120/240 Vac Specifications

Model Axes Continuous
Power (kW)
(W / Ω)
AKD2G-6V03S Single 3 9 1 100 / 15
AKD2G-6V06S 6 18 2
AKD2G-6V12S 12 30 4
AKD2G-6V03D Dual 3 & 3 9 & 9 1 & 1
AKD2G-6V06D 6 & 6 18 & 18 2 & 2

240/480 Vac Specifications

Model Axes Continuous
Power (kW)
(W / Ω)
AKD2G-7V03S Single 3 9 2 100 / 33
AKD2G-7V06S 6 18 4
AKD2G-7V12S 12 30 8
AKD2G-7V03D Dual 3 & 3 9 & 9 2 & 2
AKD2G-7V06D 6 & 6 18 & 18 4 & 4
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How many I/O does the AKD2G provide?

The AKD2G provides up to 28 I/0.

  • 16 I/O is standard for the single axis
  • 28 I/O is standard for the dual axis
  • An I/O expansion is available for the single axis model, which adds an additional 12 I/O on X22 for a total of 28 I/O.
Is the same GUI software used for programming the AKD2G and AKD?

Yes, Workbench works both for the AKD and AKD2G, but parameters/programs are not transferrable from the AKD to the AKD2G at this point.

Is the STO on each axis of a dual-axis AKD2G, is it dual-channel STO?

Yes, there is a dual channel STO for each axis in the drive.

Can you only use motors with a single cable for feedback/power with the AKD2G?

No. The AKD2G is optimized for single cable motors but separate power and feedback two cable motors do work with the AKD2G. You need to order the SFA cable adapter or use X23.

Are the continuous/peak ratings of an AKD2G dual-axis drive a total for both axes, or rated per axis?

The current rating of AKD2G is per axis, so a 3A continuous AKD2G dual axis has 3A continuous available for each axis.

Are the SFA and resolver a “safety rated solution” like the resolver is currently with it’s dual channels?

No. Resolver is not offered as a “safe encoder” by Kollmorgen. You will need a digital safe encoder. The AKD2G offers H-DSL and EnDat 2.2 as safe solutions.

I want one axis to follow the other on a dual-axis AKD2G. How do I accomplish this?

There are three possible solutions to this.

  • Hardwiring I/O to X23
  • Using EtherCAT
  • Designing a dedicated control mechanism with MechaWare
Can I do encoder emulation for both axes in the AKD2G dual-axis drive? If so, how? 
Yes, but you will have to use both I/O (for one axis) and X23 (for the other axis). This can be done via EtherCAT 
Does AKD2G have encoder emulation output?
Yes, you will need X22.
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