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Stepper Optimizer

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Welcome to our step motor optimizer tool.  Stepper Optimizer provides multiple ways for you to discover what Kollmorgen step motor works best in your application. Browse our step motor catalog and discover which motor frame size will fit your application, and then modify the available voltage and current to produce a torque/speed curve for your drive. You can also use our Application Sizing section to find the best solution that fits your application requirements. You can determine a solution by identifying your required torque and speed, or through identifying your basic motion profile. The tool takes into account not only your available voltage and current, but considers your duty cycle, on time, ideal current reduction and current reduction delay.

Our search algorithms look through our entire step motor database, filtered as you desire to determine the optimum solution. You can then review the performance curve as well as the temperature curve to be certain your step motor will meet your application requirements.

Stepper Optimizer

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