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Already know your torque and speed requirements for a motor? Or your current and voltage requirements for a drive? Enter your parameters to narrow your search, compare our products, and find what best fits your needs.

  • Servo Motors & Servo Drives
  • Direct Drive Rotary Motors
  • Stepper Motors & Stepper Drives
  • Electrical Cylinders
  • Direct Drive Linear Motors
  • Synchronous Motors

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Guided Selection 


Know your application requirements but not the necessary torque and speed? Use Motioneering to size your mechanism project, and find motor and drive pairings that fit your needs.

  • Leadscrew, Conveyor
  • Rack and Pinion, Nip Rolls
  • Belt and Pulley
  • Rotary
  • Linear
  • Electric Cylinder

Size Your Application

Housed Performance Curve Generator 

Adjust voltage requirements to identify which windings best suit your application.

Vary ambient, and other combinations of feedback/brakes/seals to best portray your actual performance.

Generate Curves

Frameless Performance Curve Generator 

Quickly optimize your frameless motor option by adjusting current, voltage, ambient temperature and winding factors for best performance to match your needs.

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3D Models 

Using our fully configurable 3D CAD models, you can choose the right motion solution and incorporate it successfully into your design. With more than 50,000 product options, you can search, configure and visualize on demand, and even set up an account to download 3D models in CAD format for direct incorporation into your design.

Let’s make precision engineering easier. Explore 3D models now.

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Stepper Optimizer 

Stepper Optimizer provides multiple ways for you to discover what Kollmorgen step motor works best in your application. Browse our step motor catalog and discover which motor frame size will fit your application, and then modify the available voltage and current to produce a torque/speed curve for your drive. You can also use our Application Sizing section to find the best solution that fits your application requirements. You can determine a solution by identifying your required torque and speed, or through identifying your basic motion profile. The tool takes into account not only your available voltage and current, but considers your duty cycle, on time, ideal current reduction and current reduction delay.

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AKD2G Safe Dynamic Braking Calculator 

The AKD2G Safe Dynamic Braking calculator is a tool that will assist you in determining the Stopping Time for the motor when using the AKD2G’s Safe Dynamic Brake (SDB) function. In some applications, it will be very beneficial to short the motor wires via “Safe” relays rather than using an electromechanical holding brake. In addition to the Stopping Time the calculator will provide you information on the Braking Current for the purpose of determining contactor and resistor ratings in the SDB circuit.

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2G Performance Cable Configurator 

Cables are an important part of the complete servo system, and usually the last item thought of when creating a parts list. Selecting the correct cable set or hybrid cable can be daunting with the numerous available combinations of motor, drive and feedback options.

The 2G Performance Cable Configurator can eliminate guesswork and provide the exact cable set or hybrid cable you need to complete your servo system. Using the Configurator is a simple process of selecting:

  • Drive
  • Voltage
  • Motor family and winding
  • Feedback
  • Connector option
  • Brake option

Your cable part number can be further refined by selecting between PVC and PUR cable casing.

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