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Kollmorgen Azure Surgical Robotics Story

Enabling New Surgical Possibilities with High-Torque, Low-Temperature and Compact-Size Motors >

A new collaborative surgical robot helps surgeons do their best work, in more types of surgery, delivering better outcomes. TBM2G servo motors make it possible.
Motion to Meet Your Mission in Space

Motion to Meet Your Mission in Space >

| 11:00AM ET
With thousands of new satellites in the planning, and with space exploration undergoing a new renaissance, learn how motors designed for the rigors of space and the realities of the marketplace will be key to winning the new space race. Kollmorgen…
Kollmorgen AKMA Anodized Washdown Motor Selection Guide

AKMA Anodized Washdown Motor Selection Guide >

AKMA servo motors from Kollmorgen are designed for critical medium to heavy washdown environments and variable weather applications. These lightweight, workhorse motors incorporate a hardened anodized aluminum coating, a versatile form factor, and…

Kollmorgen introduces the AKMA servo motor to meet the demands of medium- to heavy-washdown applications >

Kollmorgen extends its highly regarded AKM servo motor portfolio with a new high performance servo motor that delivers durability, cleanability and versatility.
Surgical robotic arms in operating room.

Advanced Surgical Robots: Designing Compact, Powerful Motion for the Next Generation >

Learn the key criteria for designing axially compact arm joints that minimize space, maximize torque, and deliver precision performance in surgical robots.
OTTO Motors and Kollmorgen Initiate Strategic Technical Collaboration

OTTO Motors and Kollmorgen Initiate Strategic Technical Collaboration >

Kollmorgen, the pioneer of AGV technology and OTTO Motors, the pioneer of AMR technology, explore joint capabilities to provide innovative solutions to a demanding and fast growing global materials handling market.
A surgical cobot in an operating suite.

How Customizable Cobot Design Can Help You Build A Successful Surgical Robotics Company  >

| 11:00AM ET
Learn the unique requirements of collaborative surgical robots (cobots) and how custom frameless motors impact AI integration, performance and certification.
Ceteas Selects Kollmorgen as a Technology and Service Partner

Ceteas Selects Kollmorgen as a Technology and Service Partner >

Ceteas has selected Kollmorgen as a technology and service partner for their AGV applications made in Abruzzo. The strategic partnership is aimed at growing end-user operations by simplifying and streamlining their processes.
AKMA Servo Motor in washdown

Bringing Performance and Reliability to Harsh Environments with Lightweight AKMA Motors >

Learn how lightweight Kollmorgen AKMA servo motors deliver durability, cleanability and performance in medium and heavy washdown applications.