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Kollmorgen Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense >

If you design and build motion systems for use in aircraft or on the battlefield, one overriding principle drives everything you do: failure is not an option. Surveillance, defense and weapons systems need to respond instantly, accurately and…

Agriculture >

Automated farm equipment and field robots benefit from electric motion that is powerful, precise, compact, and resistant to harsh weather and frequent washdowns.
Kollmorgen Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles >

Work faster and safer while lowering labor costs. Kollmorgen provides complete hardware and software solutions for intelligently automating forklifts, transports and trailer-loading vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Batteries (EVB) >

Learn how direct drive rotary and linear motion is helping lithium-ion battery manufacturers greatly improve production and quality to serve the needs of a world that is rapidly going electric

Food & Beverage >

Top-performing motors, drives and gearboxes designed to withstand the corrosive cleaners and high-pressure washdowns required to ensure regulatory compliance and food safety.
Machine Tools, Kollmorgen

Machine Tools >

Machine tools, such as grinders and lathes, cut and shape metal, plastic and other materials with the greatest accuracy possible. Motion fine-tuned to the application eliminates backlash and compliance for better repeatability and precision.
Material Forming, Kollmorgen

Metal Forming >

Build smaller, more efficient metal forming machines so you can achieve your motion performance goals.
Medical and Laboratory Automation

Medical and Laboratory Automation >

From the radiology department to the surgical table, better motion means better healthcare.
Kollmorgen Medical Imaging Solutions

Medical Imaging >

Kollmorgen offers motors, drives and expertise to help you design the most advanced medical imaging systems.

Mining & Construction  >

Keep people safe and improve the efficiency and profitability of your mining or construction operation using motors designed to take on the toughest jobs.

Oil & Gas >

From the exploratory well to the refinery, powerful motors you can rely on with the hazardous-location certifications you need can help maximize oil & gas productivity and profitability.
Packaging & Converting

Packaging & Converting >

More precise cutting, folding and forming. Faster, more flexible changeover. Faster throughput. Minimal errors and scrap. Better motion makes the difference.

Pharmaceutical >

From formulation, to tablet pressing and capsule filling, to packaging—Kollmorgen’s pharmaceutical-grade and washdown-ready motion solutions drive higher quality and throughput.

Postal & Parcel Sorting >

Hundreds of billions of letters sorted perfectly every day—a perfect fit for the speed, precision and reliability of Kollmorgen motion solutions.

Printing >

The quality of the print depends on the quality of the motion. Deliver higher throughput and a flawless print job, with less waste.

Robotics >

Kollmorgen is the leading global manufacturer of motor solutions for the robotics industry. We have decades of experience and an established track record in enabling robotic innovation for the most challenging applications – surgical, collaborative,…

Underwater >

Get reliable motion at depths up to 20,000 feet and in salt, fresh or waste water, with no need to protect motors using complex and costly external housings or seals.

Tire & Rubber >

For a perfect ride, tires need to be perfectly round, uniform and balanced. That’s why manufacturers rely on Kollmorgen direct drive solutions.

Engineer the Exceptional

Learn how to engineer exceptional machines, robots and vehicles with the highest-performing, most reliable motors, drives, automation solutions and more.

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