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S300, S700 ROFFSABS, Absolute Encoder Single Turn | 02 Dec 2020 | |

S300, S700 ROFFSABS, Absolute Encoder Single Turn

When configuring the S700 or S300, homing with an absolute encoder you will need to use ROFFSABS. ROFFSABS provides the necessary offset when physically homing. Single Turn Absolute is absolute to 1 rotation of the motor. To home the drive with an absolute encoder, you will want to physically place where 'Home" or Zero might be.

  1. Go into the monitor page and record the position.
    You will type the Negative position in the next step to create the necessary offset.
  2. Then go into the terminal and type ROFFSABS [negative value position]. Without the [ ]
  3. Then, SAVE to eeprom.
  4. Issue a Coldstart.
    Coldstart is the Red button in the DriveGUI.
  5. Lastly, because you have a single turn absolute encoder, (this doesn't apply to mult-turn) you'll need to check off a bit in the DRVCNFG.
  6. Save to EEPROM and issue a cold start.

You can validate it by moving to another position, and power cycle the drive. It should have saved the position, proceed to move to home, and the position should be 0.

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