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KAS components in machine

Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Motion in Minutes

Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) includes all the software and hardware you need to bring truly differentiated, high-performance machines to market faster. KAS has been proven to measurably accelerate development, increase throughput, minimize scrap and maximize overall equipment effectiveness. The full KAS suite includes drives, motors, software, and feedback devices to fully automate and control every axis of your entire application.

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What is KAS?

Our premier machine automation solution brings together a highly integrated and intuitive software programming environment, best-in-class motion components, SafeMotion™ capabilities, and exceptional co-engineering services to help you build a highly differentiated machine—and a more profitable business. For customer after customer, Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ has proven to dramatically accelerate development time, increase machine throughput, reduce scrap and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Kollmorgen Automation Suite is part of the 2G Motion System that harnesses the full performance potential of our leading AKM2G servo motors and perfectly matched AKD2G drives designed to deliver unrivaled power density and control.


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Controller Hardware

PCMM: Programmable Controller, Multi-Axis Master

Our PCMM controller delivers maximum performance from an embedded controller, is available in three different models, and is capable of running anything from small machine of up to 8 axes to high performance mid-range machines of up to 32 axes and a dual-core version for large machines of 64 or more axes. All models also support additional I/O terminals and HMI panels. It packs a powerful PLC, motion controller, and EtherCAT master into a small package.

Axis counts are typical values. Consult Kollmorgen Customer support for your application.

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AKD PDMM™ Programmable Drive, Multi-Axis Master

The AKD PDMM™ provides an integrated servo drive and automation controller. It combines one AKD servo axis, a master controller that supports up to seven or more additional axes, and the full automation capability of Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ in a single, compact package. It is available in both a standard and a high performance version.

For assistance choosing the correct AKD PDMM model consult Kollmorgen Customer support for your application.

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Motion Programming

Our graphical programming solutions help you achieve better motion, faster—whether you prefer the standards-based approach of PLCopen for motion or the modular, drag-and-drop approach of our innovative Pipe Network™ programming environment.

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KAS Diagram

Automation Programming

Kollmorgen Automation Suite supports the industry-standard IEC 61131-3 PLC programming toolkit, so you can supplement your existing knowledge base with our auto-recognize, auto-configure, cam editor, offline simulator and other features to speed development of higher-quality applications.

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Sample Programs

Check out the Kollmorgen Developer Network (KDN) for a broad library of sample applications you can download to help get your machine running optimally.

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Servo Drives

AKD2G and AKD® Family Drives

The Kollmorgen AKD2G and AKD® family of servo drives is designed to provide precise control, optimum torque and a rich feature set to complement our wide range of rotary servo motors and linear positioning systems. We offer the broadest connectivity with the most advanced control technology, simplest commissioning and most compact packaging available in the global marketplace, where precise positioning, speed control or torque efficiency are key. AKD2G SafeMotion™ built-in functional safety, including FSoE, eliminates the need for external solutions that depend on complex integration between the controller, safe PLC and drive.

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Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ includes a large selection of remote I/O slices, all configured for auto-recognition and auto-configuration within our Integrated Development Environment.

Bus Couplers and Specialty Modules

These devices include our EtherCAT Bus Coupler, Standard-Bus End Terminals, and Power supply terminal with fuse.

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Digital Inputs

We offer 2-, 4- and 8-channel Digital Inputs including a 2-channel up/down counter and available 8-channel inputs in both standard and high-speed. A 4-channel FSoE safe digital input terminal is also available.

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Digital Outputs

This 0.5A digital output is available in an 8-channel version. A 4-channel FSoE safe digital output terminal also available.

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Analog Inputs

Available 4-channel analog input, as well as a 2-channel input terminal for resistance sensors, and a 4-channel thermocouple input terminal.

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Analog Outputs

We offer a 4-channel analog output terminal 0…10 V, and a 4-channel analog output terminal -10 V…+10 V.

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Encoder Interface

Available incremental encoder interface and incremental encoder interface with differential input.

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Ethernet Cables

We supply the highest-quality Ethernet cables for reliable, low-latency connections on the EtherCAT® motion bus, as well as for connecting HMI panels over ModBus TCP.

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Motor and Drive Cables

We also provide all the motor and drive cables you need for any Kollmorgen motor power and feedback option.

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Our extensive training services foster expertise in many aspects of motion control and automation. We offer onsite and offsite training, including web-based courses and live classroom instruction. A specialized training kit gives students hands-on experience with controllers, AKM2G/AKM servo motors and AKD2G/AKD drives. Courses are currently available in IEC 61131 programming, PLC solution architecture, HMI development and motion control, and we can create custom courses to suit your needs.

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