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KAS IDE v4.00 is now available!!New Features Next Generation Controller Software Compatible with PCMM/PDMM (1st Generation Controllers) 64-bit Runtime (2nd Generation Controllers) AKD2G Modular Device Profile (MDP) I/O MDP IO support for model variants
Prashanth Morishetty
December 14, 2022 English
KVB HMI - Displaying Bitwise Variables in KVB / AKI2GIntroduction KAS application developers can combine multiple pieces of information into one variable. One example is storing the status of up to 16 items into a 16-bit Integer or INT variable.   As an example  the bits of the INT could be designated as follows:
C Wontrop C Wontrop
September 2, 2022 English
First AKD2G TuningUsers facing the tuning of an AKD2G servodrive for the first time will have to use the Workbench configuration software tool which, for novice users or users of the Servostar series drive, may confuse them given the difference in the graphical interface and the many features introduced. This note…
Stefano Giacomelli Stefano Giacomelli
August 29, 2022 English
(ABM)(Desenhos 3D) Altra Brasil Servo SeriesEsses modelos 3D destinam-se a orientar suas atividades de projeto e podem ser usados como informações de referência. Certifique-se de consultar um especialista da Kollmorgen para garantir que você tenha as informações mais atuais e precisas para os aspectos críticos do trabalho de design.
Leonardo Souza
August 25, 2022 Portuguese, Brazil
AKD2G Actions Used for AC Mains Switch-Off after Controlled StopThe controlled motion of any given axis of a machine will require the AC mains to be dropped after completion of an emergency-stop (NEC - Category 1).  The necessary NEC stop category is determined based on the machine builder’s safety audit.  This application note is only valid for Stop Category 1…
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
August 19, 2022 English
AKD2G - Sending Secondary Feedback through EtherCATThe AKD2G's various feedback options allow for incorporating up to 5 feedback devices into the drive. Occasionally the feedback is not used for servo AXIS control (a position used as a direct command or feedback to a servo axis) but used as an additional or axillary feedback signal for the motion/…
C Wontrop C Wontrop
August 18, 2022 English
AKD2G Gantry Mode with KAS ControllerAKD2G Dual Axis drives have the ability to use the new Gantry Command Source. When the Command Source is changed to 4 - Gantry, Axis2 will follow all commands sent to Axis1 (enable/disable and motion commands).
Joe Parks
June 30, 2022 English
(ABD & ABM) Altra Brasil Servo SeriesAs séries ABD® (Altra Brasil Drive) e ABM® (Altra Brasil Motor) é uma linha completa de servo-acionamentos com base em EtherCAT, desenvolvida especificamente para o mercado brasileiro. Essa linha de produtos possui grande competitividade e ótima relação custo-benefício, garantidas através da…
Nick Westendorf Nick Westendorf
June 1, 2022 Portuguese, Brazil
AKD to AKD2G Migration FAQThis article discusses common questions about the differences between AKD and AKD2G drives. A PDF version of these questions is attached below.
Ann Pater
April 27, 2022 English