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Sample KAS Project with Safety Controller Based Safety ParametersThis article contains 2 videos and presents sample code for a KAS Safety application with: SCU Safety PLC with SafePLC2 software (safety parameters defined with SafePLC2 software) PCMM Machine/Motion Controller AKD2G Servo Drive with FS3 card AKT2G Remote I/O Safety modules FSOE (Fail Safe…
C Wontrop C Wontrop
December 17, 2021 English
KAS v3.07 is now available!!New Features Modular EtherCAT Topology AKT2G-BRC-000-000 - Brake chopper terminal Modify PLCopen axis user units from a program IDE Improvements For more details, please see the attached release note.
December 10, 2021 English
WorkBench Display IssuesSome users have reported display issues within WorkBench, the symptoms usually are cut texts or images, missing elements or missplaced elements. Issue: The problem is due to the fact that part of our application is working using WinForms technology which does not support well high DPI, or simply…
December 9, 2021 English
AKD2G Touchprobes Application NoteThe following application note demonstrates several examples of using the Touchprobes feature over EtherCAT.
toddevans01 toddevans01
November 15, 2021 English
KAS Safety System with SCU Safety ControllerThis application note details creating and running a KAS Safety application with:  PCMM Machine/Motion Controller  SafePLC2 Safety Controller  AKD2G Servo Drive with FS3 safety card  AKT2G Safety I/O  FSOE Safety
C Wontrop C Wontrop
November 12, 2021 English
SafePLC2 Project integrated in KAS IDE softwareThe below video demonstrates how an EtherCAT network can be created with the KAS IDE software and the FSoE parameters can be automatically shared with a BBH Safety Controller.
Joe Parks
November 11, 2021 English
Firmware-Historie S300 - S700 Table of Contents Firmwareänderungen zwischen der Version
Kollmorgen Support
November 11, 2021 German
What is a Subnet Mask?A subnet mask is a bit mask used to define a subnet of an Ethernet network.  It acts like a filter to only allow devices with certain IP addresses to communicate. Subnets are used to specify which devices can communicate with which other devices on an Ethernet network.
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
November 10, 2021 English
AKD2G EtherCAT and CANopen Landing PageNOTE This landing page is under construction and is a wor
toddevans01 toddevans01
November 9, 2021 English