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AKD EtherCAT Scaling for Velocity, Acceleration, and DecelerationThis article discusses AKD EtherCAT scaling for velocity, acceleration, and deceleration commands and actual velocity.  For the position modes, FBUS.PARAM05 applies to position scaling and the scaling for velocity, acceleration, and deceleration.
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
March 10, 2022 English
AKD EtherCAT Flexible PDO Mapping Size Limitations and PaddingThe AKD drive supports flexible EtherCAT PDO mapping.  The 4 available flexible RxPDO’s (PDO data for receive direction, commands from master to drive) are mapped using objects 1600h, 1601h, 1602h, and 1603h.  Each one of these RxPDOs is limited to a maximum size of 8 bytes, but historically the…
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
February 18, 2022 English
AKD1G vs AKD2G EtherNet/IP Command and Response Assembly StructureThe following chart demonstrates the differences in byte allocation for the command and response assemblies for the AKD1G and AKD2G EtherNet/IP drives.
February 14, 2022 English
AKD Profinet PN.ACCSCALING ExamplesPN.ACCSCALING sets the scaling factor for acceleration rates related to PROFINET motion commands. The AKD PROFINET manual states that it applies to Jog Acc (PNU 1006), Jog Dec (PNU 1007), DRV_ACC (Telegram Signal 108), and DRV_DEC (Telegram Signal 109), and no other parameters. However, it also…
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
February 11, 2022 English
Getting Started with PxMM UDP Communications - using Packet SenderThis application note uses the PC utility Packet Sender (download at to perform simple communications between a PxMM and a PC.  The program “udpProgram” in the project UDP test Send-Receive First Transmission Each Way.kas has been added to a .kas starter…
C Wontrop
February 7, 2022 English
MLFB_HomeFindHomeInput with additional featuresThe KAS IDE comes with the UDFB (User-Defined Function Block) MLFB_HomeFindHomeInput. This post contains an  updated version of the UDFB with the following changes:  The homing sensor was used as normal detection, It is set to detect falling edge. After the home sensor is tripped, the axis will…
C Wontrop
February 3, 2022 English
Grounding and Shielding Landing Page (Prevent Noise Issues)Broad best practices and resources for EMI best practices & troubleshooting.
February 1, 2022 English
AKD2G and KAS Functional Safety Landing Page This page contains information and links related to supporting functional safety in the AKD2G drive and KAS system.
C Wontrop
January 13, 2022 English
Migration from AKD EtherCAT IP mode to AKD2G CSP modeWhen migrating from AKD EtherCAT IP mode (Interpolated Position) to AKD2G EtherCAT CSP mode (Cyclic Synchronous Position), the only thing that needs to be changed is the target position object (change from 60C1h sub1 to 607Ah).
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
January 5, 2022 English