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AKD2G Low Voltage DC Operation Table of Contents Overview
October 9, 2020 English
Mean Time Between Failure AKD AKM Gen 1Summary of Juran's Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for AKD & AKM.  Data up through 2014. Purpose A rough calculation of the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) based on historical data. This tool is to be used at a customer's request. MTBF is not "operating life" or "service life".
October 8, 2020 English
Sizing AKT Remote IO AKD-PDMM controller/drive, AKD, AKD2G, and S700 drives, and PCMM standalone controller all contain hardware I/O that can be used in an application to interface to other control elements on the machine. Typically, to minimize overall system cost, IO point on these products are used first before the…
C Wontrop C Wontrop
September 29, 2020 English
PC and KAS UDP communication: C# example (Visual Studio Express 2013)This example shows how to exchange data between a PCMM or AKD PDMM and a PC using UDP. The attached KAS program works with the target controller and 2 AKD drives.  The PC-based program is written in C# and receives the axis positions from the controller. It is also possible to send text to the PC…
Stefano Giacomelli Stefano Giacomelli
September 18, 2020 English
KVB Alarms Video - Creating And Using Them With AKI HMI PanelsKollmorgen Visualization Builder (KVB) software has built in alarm features. Users can easily determine when certain values of tags will raise alarms, how they are displayed on the HMI, how they can be cleared, how users can view a history of past alarms, and if text messages or emails should be…
Joe Parks
September 17, 2020 English
KAS Project Backup and RestoreThis video demonstrates:
C Wontrop C Wontrop
September 11, 2020 English
Reação a situações de falha S300-S700Válido para S300, S700 Dependendo do problema atual, as falhas são gerenciadas de forma diferente (diferentes níveis de erro):
Kollmorgen Support
September 11, 2020 Portuguese, Brazil
Servo drive da série S700 com falha F23Caso a comunicação CANopen não esteja sendo utilizada, utilize este procedimento para desativar a falha F23. September 11, 2020 Portuguese, Brazil
Aviso n12 no S300, S600 e S700A advertência n12 é um indicador de que o nome e o número do motor salvos no eeprom do drive não correspondem ao nome e número do motor armazenados na memória do encoder Endat.
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
September 10, 2020 Portuguese, Brazil