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Coupler Sizing - AKT2G Remote IOThe AKD-PDMM controller/drive, PCMM standalone controller, AKD, AKD2G, and S700 drives all contain hardware I/O that can be used in an application to interface to other control elements on the machine. Typically, to minimize overall system cost, IO point on these products are used first before the…
C Wontrop
March 17, 2021 English
AKD EtherNet/IP to Omron PLCsAKD Ethernet/IP and Omron
February 19, 2021 English
Configuring BBH SCU with AKD2G SRA parameters This article shows how to make a simple safety Application with KAS and SafePLC2. The Functional Safety parameters can be configured in WorkBench or in the BBH SafePLC2. Both methods are described here.
February 1, 2021 English
AKM2G Standard Voltage and Low Voltage Winding Thermal Sensor OptionsA description of the thermal sensor options for the AKM2G Standard and Low Voltage series motors. January 22, 2021 English
AKD and the Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi Foundation and its background. The foundation's goal was to advance the Computer Science, Programming, and engineering education of children and adults with a low-cost and high-performance solution. From Raspberry Pi Foundation itself:
January 13, 2021 English
Configuring The AKD X9 EEO AS General Digital I/OThe X9 Port on the AKD drive is generally used as an encoder input, EEO (encoder emulated output), or not used. However, the AKD also has the feature to use the X9 port as general I/O.
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
January 12, 2021 English
S300, S700 ROFFSABS, Absolute Encoder Single TurnWhen configuring the S700 or S300, homing with an absolute encoder you will need to use ROFFSABS. ROFFSABS provides the necessary offset when physically homing. Single Turn Absolute is absolute to 1 rotation of the motor.
December 2, 2020 English
TwinCAT 3 To AKD2G EtherCAT Setup and DemonstrationThe attached video covers important topics such as ESI (XML) file acquisition and importation into TwinCAT 3. Basic setup and motion from the TwinCAT 3 console are also demonstrated. Finally how to recognize and resolve a mismatch between the Device Description (ESI) and the physical AKD2G hardwa
October 29, 2020 English
Reading of AKD axes position by Python and Raspberry Pi 3 Modell BThis solution allows you to read the motor positions of three AKD axes using Raspberry Pi hardware and Modbus TCP/IP.
Stefano Giacomelli Stefano Giacomelli
October 26, 2020 English