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Trade ComplianceKollmorgen is committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values regarding respect for human rights, integrity and environmental responsibility.
Bethany Seymour
Şubat 21, 2023 İngilizce
AKT and AKT2G Remote I/O ComparisonThe AKT2G family is recommended for new applications requiring remote I/O in a PCMM or PDMM KAS application. This article and attachment compares the AKT2G Remote I/O family with the AKT Remote I/O family.
Will Gaffga
Şubat 8, 2023 İngilizce
(ABM)(3D Drawings) Altra Brasil Servo SeriesThese 3D models are intended to guide your design activities and can be used as reference information. Be sure to consult a Kollmorgen expert to ensure you have the most current and accurate information for critical aspects of the design work.
Leonardo Souza
Ocak 18, 2023 İngilizce
(ABD & ABM) Altra Brasil Servo SeriesThe Altra Brasil Servo Series, consisting of the ABD® (Altra Brasil Drive) and ABM® (Altra Brasil Motor) series, is a complete line of EtherCAT-based servo drives developed specifically for the Brazilian market. With a high level of competitiveness and cost-effectiveness, it is integrated with…
Leonardo Souza
Ocak 18, 2023 İngilizce
Convert AKD-B Parameter File to AKD-PInstructions to convert a saved AKD-B parameter file into an AKD-P file to load into an AKD-P drive.
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
Ocak 10, 2023 İngilizce
AKD2G Profinet PNU Reads and Writes Application Note Revision AThis application note demonstrates AKD2G parameter access from a S7-1500 PLC using the SinaPara function block for multi-parameter access and the SinaParaS for single parameter access.
Ocak 4, 2023 İngilizce
KAS IDE v4.00 is now available!!New Features Next Generation Controller Software Compatible with PCMM/PDMM (1st Generation Controllers) 64-bit Runtime (2nd Generation Controllers) AKD2G Modular Device Profile (MDP) I/O MDP IO support for model variants
Prashanth Morishetty
Aralık 14, 2022 İngilizce
KVB HMI - Displaying Bitwise Variables in KVB / AKI2GIntroduction KAS application developers can combine multiple pieces of information into one variable. One example is storing the status of up to 16 items into a 16-bit Integer or INT variable.   As an example  the bits of the INT could be designated as follows:
C Wontrop
Eylül 2, 2022 İngilizce
First AKD2G TuningUsers facing the tuning of an AKD2G servodrive for the first time will have to use the Workbench configuration software tool which, for novice users or users of the Servostar series drive, may confuse them given the difference in the graphical interface and the many features introduced. This note…
Stefano Giacomelli Stefano Giacomelli
Ağustos 29, 2022 İngilizce