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KAS v4.02 Software is now available! | 19 Jun 2024 | |

KAS v4.02 Software is now available!

New Features

  • PCMM2G (Production):
    • Performance/Reliability
      • Reduced EtherCAT cycle jitter
      • Improved EtherCAT Rx frame reliability
    • Security
      • Firmware file signed for Integrity Protection
  • Coordinated Motion
    • S-Curve Profile support
    • Linear Moves with S-Curve Corner Transition
  • Misc
    • Actual Position Interpolation with bad/missing Rx frames
    • The KAS Runtime response to drive status bit #11 is now configurable via PLC code.
    • MC_Power() State Machine for 3rd party Drives
      • The internal state machine has been modified to add the switched-on state for compliance with the DS- 402 specification. 
      • Some third-party drives (non-Kollmorgen) may require a switched-on state before the operation-enabled state. 
        See CANopen Status Machine for details.


  • The KAS-IDE and Runtime have been tested with AKD v1-23-00-000 and AKD2G v2-13-00-000 Production Release firmware. 
    • The KAS-IDE installer has been updated to include the AKD and AKD2G ESI files from these releases.
  • The KAS-IDE's embedded WorkBench has been updated to v2.16.0.10303. 

For more details, see the KAS Release Notes (

Software Availability

PCMM/PDMM Runtime software:


PCMM2G Runtime software:


For customers, the KAS IDE software package is available for purchase and upgrades are included. 
The latest and previous versions can be downloaded from KAS IDE Distribution Page in KDN.

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