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WorkBench supports AKD2G, AKD, and MKD drives. It lets you save your machine structure (all your connected devices) and all their data, in a single project file. This project file can be exchanged between people or WorkBench instances. It stores the following:

  • Machine structure (devices and groups if you added any)
  • Parameters for each device
  • Different settings (performance servo tuner, scope, macro, …)

An internal version of WorkBench resides within the KAS IDE to support AKD2G, AKD, or MKD devices. 

Download the latest version of WorkBench.

View the online help for your drive:

Product Language
AKD2G English
AKD, AKD-C/N, & AKD BASIC English   |   中文   |   Deutsch   |   Português 
(Please note that the English version has the latest content.)
MKD & MKD-C/N English
Trade Compliance English
KAS v3.07 is now available!! English
WorkBench Display Issues English
WorkBench - Tweak Communication Parameters for Slow Connections (VPN, ...) English
Processo de Autotune do Drive AKD em Eixos Horizontais Portuguese, Brazil
WorkBench Logging English
Inbetriebnahme Software German
AKD Basic Console Connection Issue English
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
WorkBench Minimum Requirements English