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AKD2G and KAS Functional Safety Landing Page  | 13 Jan 2022 | |

AKD2G and KAS Functional Safety Landing Page 

This page contains information and links related to supporting functional safety in the AKD2G drive and KAS system.

Kollmorgen Products


AKD2G Servo Drive with FS2 or FS3 safety option


SCU Safety Controller for use in a KAS system with PCMM Motion/Machine Controller


AKT2G EtherCAT Safety Remote I/O

Description of Supported Safety Functions


 Description: Safety Functions:



- All safety functions where a safe encoder isn’t required can achieve SIL3 (AKD2G FS option 2 and 3).

- All safety functions where a safe encoder is required are limited by the safety level of the installed / supported encoder.

- Current SMM version of AKD2G FS option 3 supports only one HDSL (Hiperface Digital Ssubscriber Line) safe encoder rated for SIL2 which is installed on AKM2G motors.


Overview - Functional Safety with a KAS-Based System


KAS systems include the PCMM motion/machine controller, SCU safety controller, AKD2G servo drive with safety card (FS2 and FS3 model), and optional AKT2G Safety I/O

  • EtherCAT FSoE (Fail Safe Over EtherCAT) is incorporated
  • Safety Configuration can be set up in either the AKD2G drive via Workbench or the SCU Controller via SafePLC2 programming software (for SCU safety controller)

Overview - Systems with AKD2G with an external controller


The AKD2G with functional safety can be used in a safety control system with an external controller. Options for connections between the AKD2G and an external controller are:

  • EtherCAT FSoE (Fail Safe Over EtherCAT). The safety configuration can be set up in either in the AKD2G Drive via Workbench or the external controller (if supported)
  • Discrete IO connections

Safety Component Order Numbers

Model Number Description
SCU Safety Controller SCU-1-EC Open Programmable FS0E master for operation on EtherCAT networks
SafePLC2 Programmable Software first License
SafePLC2-2 Programmable Software second and subsequent licenses
SMX91 Programming Cable with adaptor
AKT2G Remote I/O AKT2G-SDI-004-000 4 channel digital input terminal 24 VDC
AKT2G-SDO-004-000 4 channel digital output terminal 24 VDC
  note: AKT2G-ECT-000-000 coupler is required
AKD2G Servo Drive AKD2G-SPx-xVxxx - A2xx-0000-x AKD2G with Option FS2 safety card
AKD2G-SPx-xVxxx - A3xx-0000-x AKD2G with Option FS3 safety card


AKD2G Servo Drive

KAS with PCMM Motion Machine Controller

BBH with SCU-1-EC Safety Controller

  • Installation Manual - Contact Kollmorgen
  • SafePLC2 Programming Manual - Contact Kollmorgen

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