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Convert AKD-B Parameter File to AKD-P | 10 Jan 2023 | |

Convert AKD-B Parameter File to AKD-P

Instructions to convert a saved AKD-B parameter file into an AKD-P file to load into an AKD-P drive.

When taking a parameter file saved from an AKD Base drive (AKD-B) and attempting to load it into an AKD Position Indexer drive (AKD-P), Workbench will give an error.  Workbench checks to see if the drive's base variant (AKD-B, AKD-P, AKD-T, etc.) listed in the parameter file matches the model of the currently connected drive.  If they are different, Workbench will not allow the file to be loaded into that drive.  To correct this, the drive model number listed in the parameter file must be changed manually.

This may be necessary when migrating from the NB hardware version to the ND version.  The ND hardware is not available for the AKD-B model, so an AKD-Pxxxxx-NDxx must be used.  The parameter file from the AKD-B...-NB must be modified prior to loading it into the AKD-P...-ND drive.

Follow these steps to manually change the drive model number in the parameter file.

  1. Open the parameter file in a text editor (such as Notepad.exe).
  2. Change the model number from AKD-B to AKD-P. 
    Example: For AKD-B00306-NBAN-0000, change B to P, so it is AKD-P00306-NBAN-0000.
  3. Save the text file.
  4. Load the modified file into the AKD-P drive.

The AKD-P has all the same functionality as the AKD-B.  If you get errors during the download due to model number change or firmware version change, either ignore or address those parameters as needed.

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