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Convert AKD-B Parameter File to AKD-P | 10 Jan 2023 | |

Convert AKD-B Parameter File to AKD-P

Instructions to convert a saved AKD-B parameter file into an AKD-P file to load into an AKD-P drive.

  1. Open the parameter file in a text editor (such as Notepad.exe).
  2. Change the model number from AKD-B to AKD-P. 
    Example: For AKD-B00306-NBAN-0000, change B to P, so it is AKD-P00306-NBAN-0000.
  3. Save the text file.
  4. Load the modified file into the AKD-P drive.

The AKD-P has all the same functionality as the AKD-B.  If you get errors during the download due to model number change or firmware version change, either ignore or address those parameters as needed.

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