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AKD2G EtherCAT and CANopen Landing Page | 09 Nov 2021 | |

AKD2G EtherCAT and CANopen Landing Page


This landing page is under construction and is a work-in-progress.

Check for more content and application notes in the near future.



TwinCAT3 to AKD2G Ethercat  Video

TwinCAT3 to AKD2G EtherCAT Setup and Demonstration


Application Notes

AKD2G Touchprobes

AKD2G Touchprobes App Note


AKD EtherCAT  IP mode vs. AKD2G EtherCAT CSP mode

Migration from AKD IP mode to AKD2G CSP mode

AKD2G DS402 and Manufacture Specific Torque Setpoint and Feedback


AKD2G EtherCAT W7011 Warning and F7011 Fault Synchronization Error Support

AKD2G EtherCAT Troubleshooting List - a list of data to gather for efficient troubleshooting of common EtherCAT issues



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