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WorkBench Display Issues | 09 Dec 2021 | |

WorkBench Display Issues

Some users have reported display issues within WorkBench, the symptoms usually are cut texts or images, missing elements or missplaced elements.

For example:





The problem is due to the fact that part of our application is working using WinForms technology which does not support well high DPI, or simply DPI that are not using the native resolution of your screen.

Solution (the most common):

The scale of the display should be set to 100%.

  1. Right+Click on the Desktop, select Display Settings
  2. Scroll down to Scale and Layout
  3. Set the value to 100% if it is not already
  4. Do it for ALL the screens
  5. Stop and restart WorkBench (after having set all to 100%)


If you have a high DPI screen (high resolution with a small size), 100% may cause some issues to read as the fonts will be very small, in that case you would have to go for something bigger than 100%, but WorkBench will not be displayed properly. We are migrating to a new technology (WPF) that would take care of that problem.

Additionally (if the 100% setting does not fix the issue):

The DPI setting could be set by application, we should ensure that it is not the case for WorkBench, it should take the display settings from the system.

  1. Locate the shortcut you are using to launch WorkBench
  2. Right+Click the shortcut and select Properties
  3. Select the Compatibility Tab
  4. Click Change high DPI Settings
  5. Ensure that Override High DPI is checked and that System is selected
  6. Press Apply/OK
  7. Stop and restart WorkBench

image image

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