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G&L Support Landing Page | 24 Oct 2023 | |

G&L Support Landing Page

Declaration of Obsolescence

The entire G&L product line was moved to obsolescence/legacy in 2018.

We no longer manufacture or repair G&L products and recommend a long-term goal of retrofit and replacement.

Migration Path and Retrofit

The KAS platform is generally the migration path but each system must be evaluated prior to retrofit.

Kollmorgen Automation Suite Overview | Kollmorgen | Machine Automation Platform

For a retrofit you can reach out to your local Kollmorgen distributor to start the process.

Motion Control Equipment Distributor Locator – Kollmorgen


We no longer manufacture or repair G&L products.

EIC Electronic Industrial Controls ( a 3rd party non-Kollmorgen affiliate ) repairs the G&L Controls and Drives.

G&L Software Archive including Picpro

To assist customers needing G&L software or support documentation we’ve posted an archive of all the PicPro versions on our website.

There is no charge to download the software and the license A12345 will work to install.

Although we do not charge for the software it is required to fill out the form and accept the terms and conditions.

G&L Software Archive | Kollmorgen

In the case software is not posted on the website, it is no longer available.

Miscellaneous Software, Manuals, and other Documentation

Other software and documentation downloads can be found at:

G&L | Kollmorgen

In the case software not posted on the website, it is no longer available.

Manuals can be found at:

G&L Technical Manuals | Kollmorgen

Basic Support and Maintenance 

Basic support operations can be found in the document at:

G & L Basic Support Document | Kollmorgen

This document covers the basic support for the G&L products and assists with maintenance procedures.  It includes information on the three different edition levels of PicPro. 

  • Information on the different G&L files types
  • How to determine what version of firmware being used in the Smart Drives an MMC Controls. 
  • Explains the locations for the G&L documentation
  • Provides procedures for replacing the backup battery for MMC controllers. 





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