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CCC Marking | 07 Nov 2013 | |

CCC Marking

The CCC-Certificate is the Chinese compulsory certificate for different groups of products since May 2002, in particular, consumer goods, electronic products, and automotive products. Due to the constant enlargement of the group of products that need CCC more and more manufacturers are forced to certify their products.

The Chinese government created a product catalog that contains all products which require CCC, mainly electronic products, e.g. fuses, power supplies, and electrical motors.

The CCC is required for imported products as well as for Chinese products. Products, which require certification, can only be imported, sold and used in China after a CCC certification has been done. Product testing and manufacturer inspections are done during the certification process. Testing results from agencies, which are not given by Chinese authorities, are not recognized.

Servo amplifiers and servo motors are not required to be certified, because these products are not part of the product catalogs. Existing certificates on page Approvals only confirm that the products do not require CCC.