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Your Battery-Powered Robot Can Stay in Operation Longer

Electric field robots need the ability to move about freely often covering large distances in unstructured environments. Productivity is directly tied to battery life, and reliable performance is tied to the quality of motion. Shutting down production due to a robot failure can be extremely expensive, and the cost is compounded by the difficulty of retrieving the robot or repairing it in a location such as a mine or underwater site.

Make sure your robotic motion systems are as efficient and dependable as possible. Learn how in our article, “Keep Your Field Robot on the Job Longer, Working Stronger.”

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Motion for Robotic Precision in Agriculture

Field robots must often perform tasks with all the skill and dexterity of human hands — yet they perform with continuous and tireless productivity. Unlike the repetitive, identical motions performed by typical factory robots, agricultural robots must be capable of highly variable, multi-axis motion. Utter precision in angle of approach and application of torque is key.

Learn how agricultural robots are taking advantage of the same motion technologies used in robot-assisted surgery to efficiently perform the most delicate tasks. Read our article “Your Agricultural Robot Can Be More Productive.”

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Specialized Motors for Challenging Environments

Agriculture can be a dirty, damp and rugged business. Oil & gas exploration and production can involve extremes of temperature, shock and vibration in addition to the presence of ignitable atmospheres. Underwater applications are exposed to severe pressures and corrosive environments. And every field robot benefits from motion that is precisely tuned to the specific application requirements.

From washdown and hygienic motors to submersible and explosion proof designs, Kollmorgen specializes in motion systems built to perform under the toughest conditions. And we can cost-effectively modify or fully customize motors to meet the most demanding environmental and performance requirements.



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Collaborative Engineering for Shorter Design Cycles

At Kollmorgen, progress in motion is a collaborative process governed by the specific needs of each industry and each customer we serve. Let’s work together, engineer-to-engineer, to address your unique challenges, shorten your design cycles and bring a better robot to market faster.

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