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As technology blurs the line of how humans and machines interact, opportunities to put new robotic driven capabilities into the hands of the warfighter and hazardous duty personnel continue to emerge. Accurate, reliable, durable motion solutions in a compact form factor are critical for mission success.

Kollmorgen Heritage

Kollmorgen has been on the leading edge of precision robotics technology for decades with over 100,000 units fielded in high reliability systems. We have 70 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and delivering motion component products into Aerospace & Defense applications. With the widest range of standard and custom motion solutions, we collaborate with you to deploy rugged, battle-worthy systems engineered and built to meet your singular requirements.

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Our Expertise & Solutions

  • Robots for: mine detection, disaster relief, remote weapon platforms, hazardous duty, bomb disposal, situational awareness
  • Articulated joints, exo-skeletons, traction, weapon system and camera stabilization, cooling pumps, power generation
  • Compact form, thermal optimized designs, accurate motion for high shock & vibration and extreme environments
  • Durable, reliable designs for mission critical applications
  • Catalog and optimized motor solutions employed, from frameless motor to fully integrated housed motors and actuators (motor, ballscrew, feedback, custom housing)
  • Optimized motor designs for direct drive, strain wave geared, or zero backlash geared systems
  • High torque/power to weight ratio, compact, rugged, precision accuracy
  • Solutions optimized for performance, weight, durability, and affordability

Let’s Get Your Program Moving

The hundreds of thousands of fielded units in mission critical applications powered by Kollmorgen attest to the durability and reliability of our motion solutions. Contact your Kollmorgen representative to discuss your application and how we can help you bring it to action with less cost, time and risk.

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Supporting Products

KBM Series Frameless

KBM Series Frameless >

The KBM series offers high performance, long life, simple installation in a motor kit that can be embedded directly in your mechanical design. A huge selection of standard motors and cost-effective modifications ensure a perfect fit.

TBM Series Medium Image

TBM Series Frameless >

Our TBM series provides direct drive frameless motors designed to be directly embedded in the mechanical structure of your systems, minimizing weight, size and inertia without sacrificing performance.

AKM2G Servo Motor >

AKM2G represents the latest evolution of the industry-leading AKM motor family. With significant torque increases in the same motor size OEMs can achieve substantial performance improvement without changing the motor mounting or using more machine space.

Kollmorgen EKM Servo Motor Series

EKM Series Servo Motors >

These enhanced, high performance motors are MilSpec 810E rated and IP67 sealed. They are supplied standard with a stainless steel shaft and chemical agent-resistant paint for reliable duty in harsh environmental conditions.

MX Series Hazardous Duty >

MX Series are Explosion-proof rated stepper motors, designed to meet Class I, Division 1&2, Group D hazardous location requirements. They are available in NEMA 34 and 42 frame sizes providing minimum holding torques from 1.27 to 9.82 N-m (180 to 1,390 oz-in).

Kollmorgen Automation Suite

Automation Platform >

Our premier machine automation solution brings together a highly integrated and intuitive software programming environment, best-in-class motion components and exceptional co-engineering services to help you build a highly differentiated machine.