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The Decentralized Drive System consists of an AKD-C and AKD-N drives, which are mounted to the machine close to the motor. A single cable connection is realized between AKD-C and AKD-N, as well as between AKD-N and AKD-N, using Kollmorgen hybrid cables. The drives are supported by the smart AKD-C Power Supply with DC power.

  • Nominal supply voltage range 560 VDC to 680 VDC (max. 800V); Standby supply voltage 55 VDC
  • 3A, 6A, and 12A output current
  • MultiFeedback (SFD, SFD3, Hiperface DSL, Comcoder, ENDAT 2.1 & 2.2, BiSS, HIPERFACE, 1Vp-p SinCos encoders, incremental encoders)

Technical Data

  AKD-N00307 AKD-N00607 AKD-N01207  
Continuous output current 3A 6A 12A
Peak output current 9A 18A 30A
Environmental area IP67
Size 75x130x201mm³ 75x130x252mm³
Fieldbus EtherCAT
Feedback SFD, Biss C, EnDat 2.1 and 2.2, Hall, Comcoder, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL
I/O 3 digital inputs, 1 digital output
Vibrations 3M5
Options Tertiary fieldbus (-DF)
Local STO SIL 2 / PLd (-DS)
Tertiary fieldbus with two cable feedback (-DF)
Tertiary fieldbus with single cable feedback (-DG)
Local STO SIL2/PLd with two cable feedback (-DS)
Local STO SIL2/PLd with single cable feedback (-DT)


Digital I/Os Motion Bus Multifeedback
  • 3 programmable digital inputs
  • 1 programmable digital output
  • 1 relay output (fault)
  • optional: 1 local fieldbus port (DF variant)
  • optional: 1 local STO input (DS variant)
  • Internal motion bus
  • local EtherCat Bus port optional (DF variant)

Mini Selection Guide

AKD-N Option Single Cable Separate Feedback Digital I/O Tertiary Fieldbus Local STO