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blog | From the Factory to the Farm: Unleashing the Power of Kollmorgen's Servo Motor Technology |
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Agricultural robots at work in field

Welcome to a new era of agricultural innovation.

As smart automation increases farm productivity, there is a need for powerful, precise motors that can handle a wide range of heavy-duty tasks, day in and day out. But even the most advanced technology doesn’t change the basic nature of farming. It’s a rugged, dirty business. Farm equipment is continually exposed to harsh environmental conditions including dirt, dust, moisture, mud, fertilizers, insecticides and more.

Consumers rarely think about any of that. They simply go to the grocery and expect to find food that is clean, safe and appealing. Keeping farm and food processing equipment clean is essential for ensuring consumer satisfaction with a food supply that is free of damage, dirt, chemicals and pathogens. Cleanliness is also important for keeping equipment in top operating condition to maximize productivity.

The most efficient and effective method for keeping equipment clean is through routine high-pressure washdowns. For electric motors, the challenge is to clean them daily while preventing any corrosion, bearing contamination or other potential damage due to high-pressure water exposure and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Kollmorgen's state-of-the-art servo motor technology is addressing the need for both performance and cleanliness on the modern farm, using designs and materials that have been proven in the highest-performing, hygiene-critical factory environments.

Let’s explore these exciting advancements in servo motor technology. Join us on a journey from the factory floor to the farm. You’ll learn what you need to know about applying Kollmorgen's servo motor technology to farm automation equipment.

Enhanced precision and control

On the factory floor, Kollmorgen's servo motors are renowned for their exceptional precision and control. These same advantages make them the perfect fit for demanding agricultural applications. With power ranges spanning from low to high voltage, Kollmorgen motors provide the necessary torque and speed for a wide range of farming tasks.

These motors offer precise positioning and speed control, ensuring seamless and accurate operation throughout various farming processes. Kollmorgen's servo motors bring a new level of precision and control to the farm, resulting in improved crop quality and increased productivity.

Ingress protection capabilities

Even more than the typical factory, farming environments can be harsh, exposing equipment to dust, moisture and other contaminants. Kollmorgen's servo motors are designed to withstand these challenges, offering excellent ingress protection capabilities.

IP65 and IP67 motors are well-suited for many farm applications, providing robust protection against dust and water ingress. Whether operating in open fields or challenging greenhouse environments, Kollmorgen motors ensure reliable performance even in demanding conditions.

Washdown motors for hygienic environments

As in food & beverage, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing operations, certain farming applications — especially those requiring more rigorous washdown capabilities to maintain a hygienic environment — require protection of motors against corrosion and damage to bearings or other internal components. Kollmorgen's washdown servo motors are specially engineered to meet the rigorous requirements of these industries, delivering exceptional performance over a long service life without the need for protective coverings.

These motors feature a stainless-steel or aluminum anodized construction with IP69K-rated sealing, allowing them to withstand frequent, direct washdowns with high-pressure water and harsh cleaning agents. Using Kollmorgen's washdown motors, farmers can ensure optimal cleanliness and hygiene without compromising on performance or reliability.

High torque density offerings

Space is often a constraint in farming machinery, requiring motors with high torque density to deliver maximum power in compact designs. Kollmorgen's servo motors excel in this aspect, offering exceptional torque density for their size.

These motors deliver high torque output in a compact footprint, enabling efficient and space-saving integration into farming equipment. With Kollmorgen's torque-dense motors spanning a wide power range, farmers can optimize their machine designs without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

Cultivate possibilities

Kollmorgen's servo motor technology — offering a wide power range, robust ingress protection, direct washdown capabilities and high torque density — can bring revolutionary performance to farm automation equipment. For example, consider the advantages these three motors could bring to your machinery, among several other motors that Kollmorgen offers.

  • AKMA Servo Motors. Built for durability, cleanability and versatility, these hard-working, IP69K rated motors feature a cost-effective anodized aluminum coating, stainless steel shaft, and a vented design with a one-piece housing structure that eliminates the O-ring and minimizes the risk of water ingress in weather-exposed and washdown environments.
  • Stainless Steel AKMH Servo Motors. Our most robust washdown motors offer IP69K protection, eliminating the need for guards and covers even in high-pressure, high-temperature daily washdowns. All exposed surfaces are 316L stainless steel, and the smooth, round design with sloped rear cover eliminates puddling while giving pathogens no place to hide.
  • AKM Servo Motors. These innovative motors incorporate our industry-leading AKM electromagnetics within a housing protected by a 2-K coating and IP67-rated seal configuration. Stainless steel hardware is used on all precision interfaces. The food-grade version incorporates greases that are safe for incidental contact and consumption.

Like virtually all Kollmorgen motors, these robust and resilient servo motors are available in a wide range of frame sizes, windings and standard modifications so you can cost-effectively achieve an optimal fit to your application.

By incorporating Kollmorgen motors into their operations, farmers can benefit from enhanced precision, increased efficiency and improved reliability with the added advantages of ingress protection and washdown capabilities to thrive in challenging farming environments. Discover Kollmorgen's servo motor technology and unlock new levels of productivity, efficiency and performance in your farm automation journey.

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