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SafeMotion™ Safety Functions

Our SafeMotion Monitor™ includes a full range of ISO Certified* SafeStop, SafeSpeed and SafePosition options to suit virtually any functional safety requirement. These safety functions are 100% drive-resident, eliminating the need for external solutions that depend on complex integration between the controller, safe PLC and drive. SafeMotion™ is simple with Kollmorgen.

* Consult factory on certification status for AKD2G servo drives

Powerful SafeStop Functions

STO (Safe Torque Off)

Remove power to the motor but leaves the drive energized for fast restart.

SS1 (Safe Stop 1)

The drive is brought to a standstill by controlled braking. After a specified time the power supply to the motor is safely interrupted by internally activating STO.

SS2 (Safe Stop 2)

The drive is brought to a standstill by controlled regenerative braking and subsequently remains in controlled standstill.

SBC (Safe Brake Control )

Safe control of an electromechanical holding brake; typically for vertical axes.


SBT (Safe Brake Test)

In order to realize a Safety Level of SIL2 or higher, the electromechanical brake must be tested.

SDB (Safe Dynamic Brake)

In some applications, it will be very beneficial to short the motor wires via “Safe” relays rather than using an electromechanical holding brake.

SafeSpeed & SafePosition Functions

SLS (Safe Limited Speed)

Monitors that the drive observes a defined speed limit. If the motor exceeds the configured speed limit or any other error, SS1 is activated.

SDI (Safe Direction)

The SDI function ensures that the drive can only move in a defined direction. In the event of an error, SS1 is triggered.


SLP (Safe Limited Position)

Monitors the absolute position of the drive. If the limit value is reached or the brake torque is too low to keep the drive within the limit value, SS1 is triggered.

SLI (Safe Limited Increments)

Monitors the relative position of the drive with respect to the current position when activating the SLI function. SS1 is triggered when the prescribed limit value is reached.

AKM2G Servo Motor

AKM2G represents the latest evolution of the industry-leading AKM motor family. With significant torque increases in the same motor size OEMs can achieve substantial performance improvement without changing the motor mounting or using more machine space.

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AKD2G Servo Drive

Born from a rich AKD heritage, AKD2G is the latest servo drive technology adding:

  • Dual-axis technology for additional space savings
  • Built-in functional safety options via SafeMotion Monitor (including FSoE)
  • Color Graphic Display
  • Optimized for single-cable power and feedback
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