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RS232 and RS485 SpecificationsRS-422 drivers, receivers are unidirectional.
Ann Pater
Novembro 5, 2021 inglês
G & L Basic Support Document This document covers the basic support for the G&L products.  It includes information  on the three different edition levels of PicPro.  Information on the different G&L files types and how to determine what version of firmware being used in the Smart Drives and MMC Controls.  It explains Novembro 4, 2021 inglês
Resolving Servo Feedback ChoicesThis PowerPoint presentation explains the differences between different types of servo motor feedback devices, including: Novembro 4, 2021 inglês
AKD2G EtherNet/IP Landing PageNOTE This landing page is under construction and i
Outubro 21, 2021 inglês
Cam Profile Build, Release, Switch Organization, FB for PLC Open. This article is related Cam Build & Release Organization. The attached file consists of a FB you may use in your project. In some machines, we need different cam profiles and we change these profiles for system expectations.
Ezel Ezel
Outubro 19, 2021 inglês
AKD2G vs AKD Profinet ComparisonThis article contains a list of differences between AKD2G and AKD1G related to Profinet.
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
Outubro 11, 2021 inglês
AKD Command Source for EtherCAT/CANopenThe AKD command source (DRV.CMDSOURCE) is set automatically by the EtherCAT/CANopen master controller.  There is no need to set this in Workbench when using the fieldbus.  And there is no need to read DRV.CMDSOURCE to verify that it's set correctly as long as there is nothing configured in the dr
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
Outubro 7, 2021 inglês
Workbench loses connection when EtherCAT master is connected to the AKD using EoEEoE Overview EoE = Ethernet over EtherCAT
jcoleman02 jcoleman02
Outubro 1, 2021 inglês
Getting Started with the AKD/AKD2G Performance Tuner (PST)This document reviews the basics of getting started with the PST (Performance Servo
C Wontrop
Setembro 29, 2021 inglês