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(ABD & ABM) Altra Brasil Servo Series | 18 Jan 2023 | |

(ABD & ABM) Altra Brasil Servo Series

The Altra Brasil Servo Series, consisting of the ABD® (Altra Brasil Drive) and ABM® (Altra Brasil Motor) series, is a complete line of EtherCAT-based servo drives developed specifically for the Brazilian market. With a high level of competitiveness and cost-effectiveness, it is integrated with Kollmorgen controllers (KAS & PPC). **


The Altra Brasil Servo Series is flexible and easy to integrate into various applications and offers:

  • ABD Drives:
    • Input Power - 1/3-phases 200-240Vca
    • Power range - 0,4 kW a 3 kW
    • 7 Digital Inputs
    • 4 Digital Outputs 
  • ABM Motors:
    • 8 frame options (60-180mm).
    • Nominal torque from 1,27 Nm to 14,3 Nm.
    • Speed range from 3000 to 6000 RPM.
  • Plug-and-play options for the motors.
  • Safety via dual STO inputs (Safe Torque-Off).
  • Easy integration and adaptation of projects developed in KAS and/or PPC.
  • Feedback options with absolute and incremental encoder.
  • Stationary brake option on motors.
  • Control via EtherCAT protocol.
  • CE certifications.

(ABM) 3D Drawings:

The link below provides access to the 3D models of ABM motors, which can assist with your design and development activities for your mechanical components.
Link: (ABM)(3D Drawings) Altra Brasil Servo Series | Kollmorgen

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