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SafeMotion Use Cases

Optimized Cleaning Process

Example: Cleaning a food packaging machineOptimized Cleaning Process

Cleaning food machinery is a critical, difficult and time consuming process. Multiple regulations regarding hygienic and safety standards have to be considered. New cleaning modes will integrate SafeMotion

  • Traditional process: Cut off machine power, clean the machine section 1, power on, jog machine, power off, clean the section 2, etc.
  • Innovative cleaning process: Activate "SLS - Safe Limited Speed" function to clean continuously without stopping the machine

The improved hygienic process will reduce the risk of recalls and reduced cleaning time will increase OEE of the packaging process.

Optimizing Light Curtain

Example: Metal Forming - Press Brake

During the metal forming process there is typically a conflict to protect the operator and to manually support the forming process.

Operator breaks light curtain → machine can move backwards to pick the next part.

  • Traditional method: Operator breaks light curtain → machine stops at any position, e.g. the operator can’t remove the metal sheet
  • Innovative solution: Press can move upward while the operator is within the hazardous area. The safety function "SDI - Safe Direction" prohibits the dangerous move downwards and so the operator is protected.

The innovative SafeMotion function SDI improves the forming process and can increase the throughput by 20%.

AKD2G Servo Drive

AKD2G Servo Drive features dual-axis technology resulting in industry-leading energy efficiency and power density. AKD2G expands the built-in safety options including standard dual-channel STO.

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AKM2G Servo Motor

With continuous torque increases of up to 30% versus traditional servos, AKM2G’s high-torque density and design flexibility are the winning formula for OEMs and Machine Builders to expand machine performance and differentiate in the marketplace.

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