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About Kollmorgen & NDC

Kollmorgen is the world-leader in vehicle automation kits for automated guided vehicles (AGV) with an installed base of more than 30,000 vehicles. The company was founded as NDC in 1962 and became Kollmorgen in 2009.

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  • Heritage of innovation
    World’s first automobile production plant with driverless vehicles
  • Complete offering
    Navigation, hardware, software, services
MAG Member Company
MHI Member Company

Proven Performance

World’s first automobile production plant with driverless vehicles World’s first automobile production plant with driverless vehicles
Volvo, Sweden, 1972
World’s first laser-guided vehicle World’s first laser-guided vehicle
Tetra Pak, Singapore, 1990
World’s first Pick-n-Go system World’s first Pick-n-Go system
Marktkauf, Germany, 2007
World’s first driverless vehicle with 16 controlled wheels World’s first driverless vehicle with 16 controlled wheels
Posco Steel, South Korea, 2009

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Quality & Environmental

Kollmorgen ensures high and consistent quality as well as to minimize environmental impact, for example, by reducing CO2 emissions in our daily work. The aim is to deliver world-class products and services giving our customers an irrefutable advantage in the marketplace. Our Policy for Quality & Environment describes in detail what we do and how you benefit.

Policy for Quality & Environment

The management system of Kollmorgen Automation AB is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/IEC 27001.

Scope: Development and sales of driverless control solutions and services for material handling and intralogistics solutions.

ISO DNV 27001Certifications

Using automated vehicles, based on NDC Solutions, in the material handling process results in:

  • Longer vehicle life cycle
    Smooth and controlled movements
  • Lower energy consumption
    Possible to run with lights-out and at high/low temperatures
  • Less damage to goods, pallets and racks
    No collisions with humans or vehicles
  • Less risk of work-related injuries
    Thanks to a safer working environment

Research projects

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Kollmorgen is one of the collaborators in the following research projects:

Active Project

NiCE: Robust Navigation in Changing Environments
Visit website:

Finished Projects

Semantic Robots
Visit website:

Visit website:

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