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Why should a whole production line be brought to a standstill during user interventions when only one part of it is affected? Kollmorgen drives with SafeMotion™ integrate the safety logic and monitoring within the drive. Without compromising on safety, SafeMotion can achieve considerably higher productivity and offer more flexibility when adjusting to new requirements.

Our SafeMotion Monitor includes a full range of ISO Certified SafeStop, SafeSpeed and SafePosition options to suit virtually any functional safety requirement. These safety functions are 100% drive-resident, eliminating the need for external solutions that depend on complex integration between the controller, safe PLC and drive. SafeMotion is simple with Kollmorgen.

Up to 15% Productivity Gain with SafeMotion

SafeMotion offers sixteen different safety functions for areas with dangerous motion, which are activated when intervening in a running process. With intelligent safety functions, motion sequences are controlled so that each motion is safe. For example, this is performed through position monitoring and restricting the range of motion or by increasing the cycle times. Parts of the machine that do not constitute a risk to the user are not affected. The graph clearly shows the productivity gains when using Kollmorgen's SafeMotion technology. 

Make the Most of the Advantages of Kollmorgen SafeMotion Technology

  • Higher productivity
    • SafeMotion enables user interventions in running processes
    • SafeMotion instead of safe deactivation
    • Risk-dependent triggering of safety functions
  • Low system costs
    • Optimal adjustment to requirements due to modular structure
    • Wide range of standard products
    • Safety control and drive monitoring in one device
  • Flexible
    • Modular concept and simple upgrade of existing drives
    • Seamless transition from hardwired to configurable safety logic
  • Simple and fast implementation
    • Important motion-related safety functions are integrated
    • Predefined safety function blocks
    • Intuitive tools for programming and parameterization in the field by the customer

 SafeMotion Functions

Safe Stopping Functions

STO (Safe Torque Off)

STO safely interrupts the power supply to the motor in the servo drive. The motor becomes torque-free. (also available hard-wired)

SS11 (Safe Stop 1 - Time Monitored)

The axis is brought to a standstill by controlled braking. Then the power supply to the motor is safely interrupted and the motor becomes torque-free.


SBC (Safe Brake Control): SBC provides safe signals for controlling external and internal holding brakes.
SBT (Safe Brake Test) (non-standardized): Test function for external brakes and the internal motor holding brake.

SDB (Safe Dynamic Brake)

When SDB is triggered, the energy storedin the moment of inertia of the rotating mass is converted into heat energy via a braking resistor in or at the drive. The delay time to standstill is shorter than during normal coasting (STO).2


Safe Speed and Positioning

SS1-r (Deceleration Monitored SS1)

SS1-r, when activated, monitors the controlled stop of the axis until the STO function can be activated.

SS2*(Safe Stop 2)

The drive is brought to a standstill by controlled braking and subsequently remains in controlled standstill. The control functions of the drive are maintained.

SOS (Safe Operating Stop)

Monitors the stop position reached and triggers SS1 in the event of deviations beyond the specified limits. The control functions of the drive remain active.

SLS* (Safe Limited Speed)

Monitors that the drive observes a defined speed limit. In the event of an error, SS1 is triggered.

SSR* (Safe Speed Range)

Monitors that the drive observes a defined speed limit. In the event of an error, STO is triggered.

SSM (Safe Speed Monitor)

This function monitors the speed. If a selected speed range is left, a safe output signal is generated. An additional “standstill monitor” can be replaced by the function.

SDI* (Safe Direction)

The SDI function ensures that the drive can only move in a defined direction. In the event of an error, SS1 is triggered.

SAR (Safe Acceleration Range)

This function keeps the motor acceleration and/or deceleration within defined limits. If the acceleration limits are exceeded, STO is triggered.

SLA (Safe Limited Acceleration)

This function prevents the motor from accelerating or decelerating too rapidly. If the rate of acceleration exceeds the limits, STO is triggered.

SLI* (Safe Limited Increments)

Monitors the relative position of the drive with respect to the current position when activating the SLI function. SS1 is triggered when the prescribed limit value is reached.

SLP* (Safe Limited Position)

Monitors the absolute position of the drive. If the limit value is reached or the brake torque is too low to keep the drive within the limit value, SS1 is triggered.

SCA (Safe Cam)

This function monitors the position.If a defined position range is left, a safe output signal is generated. Used to implement safe electronic cam sequencers without requiring any hardware cams.

1. SS1 if faulted is the default setting. Users can easily configure this or other actions in WorkBench.
2. The deceleration is not controlled. External forces such as vertical loads can keep the motor spinning longer.
* SS1, if faulted, is the default setting. Users can easily configure this or other actions in WorkBench.

Products with SafeMotion Capability

2G Motion System

2G Motion System >

Kollmorgen introduces the next generation of motion for more ambitious machines built on more capable performance and more confident engineering. The Kollmorgen 2G Motion System harnesses the full performance potential of our leading AKM2G servo motors and perfectly matched AKD2G drives designed to deliver unrivaled power density and control. The result is significantly enhanced torque, responsiveness and SafeMotion capabilities in a compact footprint that enables easy installation and total flexibility.

AKD2G Servo Drive

AKD2G Servo Drive >

Born from a rich AKD heritage, AKD2G is the latest servo drive technology adding:

  • Dual-axis technology for additional space savings
  • Built-in functional safety options via SafeMotion Monitor (including FSoE)
  • Color Graphic Display
  • Optimized for single-cable power and feedback

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