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Motor Temperature Sensors | 07 Nov 2013 | |

Motor Temperature Sensors

PTC Sensors

Temperature sensors with PTC (switch) characteristics (TNTT155°C) are used in the AKM motor windings by default. Optionally KTY 84-130 sensors can be used in the AKM motor. Resistor change between -30°C and +160°C is nearly linear, that allows absolute temperature measuring. ICH linear motors use this sensor in the standard version.
akm_ptc.jpg akm_KTY84_134.jpg
Special sensors with extremely linear characteristics are used in the AKMH Motor series. In addition to the KTY sensor described above, three PTC sensors (one sensor per winding) are used in the linear motor series coils ICH. The sensors are connected serially.
akmh-ptckty.jpg ich-ptc.jpg

NTC Sensors

NTC temperature sensors can be evaluated with S300 and  S700 from Firmware >5.18. Set MAXTEMPM:

MAXTEMPM Sensor Function
>0 PTC Error Message F06 occurs, if the set resistor value is overshot.
=0 - Supervision switched off
<0 NTC Error Message F06 occurs, if the set (absolute) resistor value is undershot.

Filtering of Temperature Value

The measured temperature value can be filtered with S300 and S700 from 5.18. Interference of the signal can be eliminated with this function. The measured and filtered temperature value is used for supervising and for monitoring the motor temperature. The time constant of the filter can be set with TEMPMFILT .

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