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AKM24D -how to clear n602 fault >

Hi   I assume this is perhaps a simple question, but I can not find anything on it. I see a few says that I should put 24V on the STO input in order to clear the fault. Does that mean I can just put a wire between a 24V source and the STO…

AKM 52H. F421, n309 >

 I've the following Motor: AKM 52H-ANDNCA00 with SFD3( resolver HAROMAX FP00162). AKD got  F421 - SFD position sensor fault. I removed resolver with the circuit board from motor and inserted new feedback device - encoder…

End of support for Microsoft Silverlight, problems with access to webserver on AKM24D >

Hi   Let me first say that I'm very new to the Kollmorgen suite of products, I'm looking for a python API or connector in Python or C /C#/Java to access the motors. In the process of getting connected to the motors, I got a IP address at…

Speedtec Cable Notice (O-Ring) >

Remove AKM motor connector O-ring for use with Speedtec cable connectors.

Lifetime distribution Servo Motor AKM33 >

Hello,   I am looking for a lifetime distribution of Servo Motor AKM33H-ANCNR-00. Is there any possible way to get this information?   Thank you.   Best regards, Philip

Mean Time Between Failure AKD AKM Gen 1 >

Summary of Juran's Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for AKD & AKM.  Data up through 2014. Purpose A rough calculation of the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) based on historical data. This tool is to be used at a customer's request. MTBF is not…

how to know the absorbed power or torque from Drive software in AKM motor? >

Hi, I use a servomotor type AKM42E coupled with software Drive, for running a fan rotor. I need to know the absorbed power or the torque of the motor during the operation. It is possible? Thank you

Bearings type for Servomotor AKM42E >

We are using a servomotor type AKM42E for acoustic measurements in anechoic chamber. It would be useful to know the type of the bearings mounted in such a servomotor. The idea is to know the following data to recognize some features in the…

Incremental Encoder AKM motors to CD Series Drives >

This document explains how to compensate for the settings and offsets between the Incremental Encoder AKM motors and CD Series Drives. It includes phase nomenclature as well as MOTORTYPES, setting MENCOFF, MPHASE and MHINVx for MOTORTYPE 0.
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