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S300 and CSV mode >

Hello gentelmans, Is it possible to run S300 (hw. rev. 04.10 + 5.99 firmware) in CSV mode over free mapped PDOs as are 0x1600 + 0x0A00 over ETHERCAT please? thanks  Regards Slav

Selection of Servo Drives >

Hi I am searching servo drives for servo motors (AKM 11B, AKM 22C, AKM 53H) . I found, there are multiple options for the drives like AKD, AKD-BASIC, AKD2G, S300, S700.   Can any one help differences between these series. I want to control…

S300 & S700 Errors and Warnings >

This content is extracted from the DriveGUI documentation. 

Firmware acceleration profile table in s300 >

I want to set motion with sinus-form velocity, so I need to use my custom acceleration profile table.  I used manual from here, but I can't understand what to do after I created csv-table with normalized current and position. 4_1_Table.txt…

Current absolute position of multi-turn feedback >

How can I get current actual absolute position of multi-turn feedback from s300 servo amplifier? If i use the PRD command i get current actual absolute position within only one turn.  Thanks!

Firmware for s300 servo amplifier 03.01 hardware revision >

Good day! I have an old 03.01 hardware revision s300 servo amplifier. Can you, please, send me last firmware file version 3.75-3.99 to upgrade my servostar? My local support can't help me. My email is [email protected]. Thank you!

s300 biss-c renishaw problem >

Hello there! I have a problem with my S300 (6A) servo amplifier, firmware – v5.86_ND0, hardware revision – 4.10. It successfully worked with the motor on which SinCos Encoder W&S was installed (FBTYPE = 7), but after replacing my motor’s…

KAS v3.03 is now available!! >

New Features FailSafe over EtherCAT (FSoE) "Black Channel" Communication AKD2G Drive Integration: Backup/Restore AKD2G with SMM options #2 (basic) and #3 (advanced) Robotic Kinematic Transforms: T-Bot, H-Bot, and Gantry IDE…

Kollmorgen servostar 310 motion tasks >

Good afternoon! I have a circular motor that must rotate an object in the range from a certain degree to a certain degree with a certain step and a pause between steps.  For example, from -90 degrees to +90 degrees in increments of 5 degrees…
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