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Kollmorgen Support Network

Frameless Motor Landing Page >

This landing page is a portal for supplementary support for frameless motors including startup guides, FAQs, and other application notes.

KAS Stepper Control with AKT2G slices >

AKT2G-SM-L50-000 and AKT2G-SM-L15-000 EtherCAT stepper drives allow you to control Stepper motors up to 5 Amp (6.5 with fan cartridge AKT2G-AC-FAN-001) with a PDMM or PCMM controller. The same function blocks used with servo motors are used in…

KAS v3.06 is now available!! >

New Features Kollmorgen E-Bus Stepper Integration: AKT2G-SM-L50-000 - Stepper motor terminal with incremental encoder, 50 V DC, 5 A (Imax), 2 phases AKT2G-SM-L15-000 - Stepper motor terminal with incremental encoder, 24 V DC, 1.5 A (Imax), 2…

AKM2G Standard Voltage and Low Voltage Winding Thermal Sensor Options >

A description of the thermal sensor options for the AKM2G Standard and Low Voltage series motors.

New Firmware v6.05 for S700 and S300 >

We have enhanced our new firmware 6.05 for S700 and S300 to now support the latest AKM2G servo motor family via plug and play. The motor database in the servo amplifier and in the DriveGUI now support AKM2G. For space reasons, however, we had to…

F40 Series Pac-Sci Motors to AKD >

Document to connect and run a F40 series Pac-Sci servo motor on the AKD drive. Note PDF below for downloading. 1. Select Feedback type 40, resolver. a. Verify position feedback poles = 2 b. Verify transformation ratio is 0.50 2. Wire…

KBM to AKD Application Guide >

This application guide provides the user details with the objective of successfully getting the KBM frameless motor to commutate correctly with the AKD drive.

Resolver Based AKM Motors to CD Series Drives >

This document explains how to compensate for the settings and offsets between the AKM motors and CD Series Drives.  It covers the different phase nomenclature between the motors and drives as well as the MOTORTYPEs available and MPHASE…

Incremental Encoder AKM motors to CD Series Drives >

This document explains how to compensate for the settings and offsets between the Incremental Encoder AKM motors and CD Series Drives. It includes phase nomenclature as well as MOTORTYPES, setting MENCOFF, MPHASE and MHINVx for MOTORTYPE 0.
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