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KAS v3.06 is now available!! | 23 Jun 2021 | |

KAS v3.06 is now available!!

New Features

  • Kollmorgen E-Bus Stepper Integration:
    • AKT2G-SM-L50-000 - Stepper motor terminal with incremental encoder, 50 V DC, 5 A (Imax), 2 phases
    • AKT2G-SM-L15-000 - Stepper motor terminal with incremental encoder, 24 V DC, 1.5 A (Imax), 2 phases
    • Map to PLCOpen or Pipe Network axes (same a servo drives)
    • IDE Configuration and Diagnostic views
    • Kollmorgen stepper motor parameters pre-loaded by model number
  • IDE Improvements:
    • Easy way to delete unused variables
    • Auto-assign IDE/Simulator ports to avoid conflicts
    • 64-bit support, including SetBit(...) and TestBit(...)
    • Fieldbus editor for MODBUS supports DINT/REAL type in variable declaration wizards

For more details, please see the attached release note.

Software Availability

PCMM/PDMM Runtime software:

For customers, the KAS IDE software package is available for purchase and upgrades are included. The latest and previous versions can be downloaded via KDN.


Submitted by khouly on Sun, 08/29/2021 - 05:22

Kas v3.06 will be excellent version sure but how we can get it

Submitted by dusty.schafer on Mon, 08/30/2021 - 15:11

The Controller Runtimes are available in the download section of KDN, the links are in the article above for PDMM, PCMM.  The IDE downloads are also available via your licensed account with KDN.  Please contact your local Sales representative for details.  Thanks for your interest in v3.06!