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KAS v3.07 is now available!! >

New Features Modular EtherCAT Topology AKT2G-BRC-000-000 - Brake chopper terminal Modify PLCopen axis user units from a program IDE Improvements For more details, please see the attached release note.

KAS v3.06 is now available!! >

New Features Kollmorgen E-Bus Stepper Integration: AKT2G-SM-L50-000 - Stepper motor terminal with incremental encoder, 50 V DC, 5 A (Imax), 2 phases AKT2G-SM-L15-000 - Stepper motor terminal with incremental encoder, 24 V DC, 1.5 A (Imax), 2…

KAS v3.04 is now available!! >

New features include TCP/IP Function Blocks, BBH FSoE Master + SafePLC with KAS-IDE and AKD2G w/ SMM, KAS IDE-WorkBench Improvements, new File Management functions, DriveParamStrRead, Multi-select PDO objects, new axis parameter to read PLCopen user…

A S600 Servo Drive with 8.8.8 on the Display on bootup >

This article explains how to unlock an S600 when it boots up with an 8.8.8 on the display, or locks up while downloading firmware.

KAS v3.02 is now available!! >

New features include: Enhanced AKD2G Drive Integration Map EtherCAT feedback to PLCopen Digitizing Axis Multiple IDE Instances IDE Ease-of-Use Enhancements: Elastic Search capability in On-Line help See the article for more information.

KAS Associated Firmware By Release >

The following table provides a resource for what firmware is associated with each release of the KAS IDE. This includes both firmware for the drive built into the AKD-PDMM controller, as well as the firmware for other drives that may be used within…

New Firmware v6.05 for S700 and S300 >

We have enhanced our new firmware 6.05 for S700 and S300 to now support the latest AKM2G servo motor family via plug and play. The motor database in the servo amplifier and in the DriveGUI now support AKM2G. For space reasons, however, we had to…

KAS v3.01 Software is Now Available! >

New Features AKD2G Drive Integration: Single and Multi-Axis drive variants Firmware download Digital and Analog I/O Features not yet available: Capture, Feedback #2-5, Backup/Restore Note: Please contact Kollmorgen for latest AKD2G firmware…

PCMM Dual-Core - New KAS Controller Model! >

The PCMM (Programmable Controller Multi-Axis Master) Dual-Core is a PCMM 1.2GHz with two CPU cores. It shares the same electronic hardware, connectors, and signals as the PCMM single core model. It has the same features, functionality, memory, and…
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