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AKD2G EtherCAT W7011 Warning and F7011 Fault Synchronization Error Support >

This article provides details related to cause and remedy of the W7011 warning and F7011 Fault in the AKD2G EtherCAT drive.

AKD2G Ethernet IP Support Files and Getting Started >

This document provides details on how to find support files and documentation for AKD2G Ethernet IP

Large Current and Torque Spikes at setpoint change in Profile Velocity Mode >

Hi There, I am using an AKD2G in Profile Velocity mode and sending new setpoints at about 10 Hz. Every time the drive recieves a new velocity setpoint, the current spikes and making a clicking sound. I have tried tuning the AR filters to use a Low…

AKD2G Profinet PNU Reads and Writes Application Note Revision A >

This application note demonstrates AKD2G parameter access from a S7-1500 PLC using the SinaPara function block for multi-parameter access and the SinaParaS for single parameter access. Please sign into your Siemens Support Portal to download these…

KAS IDE v4.00 is now available!! >

New Features Next Generation Controller Software Compatible with PCMM/PDMM (1st Generation Controllers) 64-bit Runtime (2nd Generation Controllers) AKD2G Modular Device Profile (MDP) I/O MDP IO support for model variants New…

AKD2G Actions Used for AC Mains Switch-Off after Controlled Stop >

The controlled motion of any given axis of a machine will require the AC mains to be dropped after completion of an emergency-stop (NEC - Category 1).  The necessary NEC stop category is determined based on the machine builder’s safety…

AKD2G Firmware update >

I will be using AKD2G for the first time soon, can I upgrade/downgrade the firmware on AKD2G as I did with my previous AKD?

AKD2G Gantry Mode with KAS Controller >

AKD2G Dual Axis drives have the ability to use the new Gantry Command Source. When the Command Source is changed to 4 - Gantry, Axis2 will follow all commands sent to Axis1 (enable/disable and motion commands). This is meant to be used when there are…
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