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Accessories | 31 Jul 2014 | |



Industrial use of ever-faster and technically more complex servo drives in all areas of machinery, plant and equipment manufacture requires high-quality accessories.

No EMC problems, safe drive operation, Plug-and-Play are guaranteed with the Kollmorgen accessories.

The accessories are described with technical data in the Accessories Manual .

  • Mains Filters for Servo Systems with servo amplifiers, which don't have built-in mains filters
  • Mains Chokes protect systems with servo amplifiers in case of asymmetrical mains or mains harmonics.
  • Motor Chokes damp the rise speed of the motor current and compensate capacitive currents in the motor cable shield.
  • Brake Resistors brake down energy during dynamic braking.
  • Capacitor Modules store energy for different usage, which is produced during generative braking of the motor.
  • Cables for all connections of servo amplifier and motor. Shielded, usable for trailing and with all necessary approvals.
  • Expansion cards for servo amplifiers are retrofitable with S300 drive, S600 drive and S700 drive servo amplifiers.