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Superior Step Motor Catalog 2006 >

This catalog covers the KM06, KM09, KM11, MH172, MX09, and MX11 series step motors.

AKMH Connectorized Version Introduction >

This application note provides an introduction to “connectorized” AKMH motors and mating cables.

DC Torquer Old Catalog >

Old DC Torquer Catalog for NT, QT, and T

AKD Hardware Revision Number >

Hardware Revision Firmware Version Date Remarks A 1.0.0 2009‑11 Starting version C 1.3.11 2011‑01 STO with certification   1.5.0 2011‑10 PROFINET RT released D 1.6.0 2012‑03 Control board revision…

Electric Cylinder Low Temp Grease Option >

For Kollmorgen (IDC) electric cylinders with a ballscrew and purchased with the "low temperature grease option", the special grease is Kollmorgen P/N 961266.  This grease will be required for periodic maintenance of the actuator.  Grease is a type…

Part Numbers for AKD-N Amphenol Connectors >

The followng table provides the Kollmorgen part numbers for the feedback connectors which are used to connect to the AKD-N.

S600 with -550 in part number >

The S600 drives built for sale in North America have a -550 suffix, e.g. S60301-550.  These are all base drives with no option card installed.  Kollmorgen - Radford will install the option card (if required) and re-label with the correct part number,…

Model Number: -NA vs -NB and -NC feature differences >

The label on the side of an AKD will indicate a model number. Each model number has extension -NA, -NB, or -NC.  Models with extension -NB or -NC support the following features which are not supported on -NA models. Hiperface DSL and SFD Gen3…

Accessories >

Industrial use of ever-faster and technically more complex servo drives in all areas of machinery, plant and equipment manufacture requires high-quality accessories. No EMC problems, safe drive operation, Plug-and-Play are guaranteed with the…
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